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trendy changing bags

hi all

cant sleep!! so got the old lap top on

i remember thinking that when i had another baby i would definitley invest in a trendy changing bag, one that looks like a normal handbag but is actually a changing bag.....

they can be pretty pricey but ive set myself a limit...can anyone recommend one? there are so many out there, would be grateful for any recommendations....


32+6 xximage


  • Likewise I said the same thing.

    I've fallen in love with the Storksak's really expensive but I think I've convinced my husband that it's an appropriate birthday present for me!! It will fit a laptop and all my stuff when I go back to work but will feel grown up enough when I'm on maternity leave...

    Let me know if you come across anything else interesting!

  • thanks for the tip

    ive seen one called il tutto Nice tote red patent bag, its a bit pricey at ??150 though, so a bit out of my budget. looks really smart though!!
  • I have splurged this time. Got cheap ones around ??20 - E25 last time and they were functional but can't get replacements that are as good. soooo - I got a Radley change bag. Didn't even know they did one until I saw it on holiday and it had all the features that both myself and hubby wanted (and he'd be prepared to carry it around which is always good). 20% off was the final sparkle that made me say yes and now it's going to be my Christmas pressie so hubby doesn't need to buy me anything else as it's a lot more than I ideally wanted to spend.

    Radley seem to do quite a nice collection of them I've since found out.
  • Lin and Leo - blinking gorgeous. realllllly want one!
  • babybeau have a nice selection

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