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Baby showing big tummy!

Hi all, hope everyone is well!

I had a scan this morning, as I'm diabetic and need scans every 4 weeks to check baby's growth. All showed fine apart from the tummy which is measuring 36 weeks, I'm only 32! They then did my blood pressure which was high. I have to go back next week to be checked again and monitor my bp over the next few days and movements and call the hospital's emergency number if I'm worried!

I was really feeling positive this time as my diabetes has been under control and my BP really good, and was hoping to get to 40 weeks until they induced me (last time I was induced a week early) and enjoying some time off in January - now this looks unlikely!

On top of that I'm feeling really rubbish, as if I'm getting a cold and my son was up all night with a cold and coughing so feeling pretty exhausted today. If I don't keep myself distracted with work, I know I'm going to be in tears!
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