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shocked by midwives!!!

i have been anaemic for over six weeks as that is long it has been since i had the blood test....what exactly is the bloody point in having the test if they just leave the result til your next appointment...i have been feeling utterly rubbish and suffered terribly with the winter bugs....also been six weeks since i had gestational diabeties test and only just got the top it off the midwife i had today was the third different one ive had so far and she couldnt even tell the position of the baby......dont feel very confident that im being looked after very well! :x


  • Did they not call you with the results and tell you you needed iron tablets? That's terrible - i was told if there was any issue they would call me.

  • Hi givepeasachance, I'm g/c from DIF but I just wanted you to know that you're not the only one!

    I have no confidence in my midwives either. I've seen three different ones, and the one that I've seen twice has messed up my blood tests both times (not enough / correct information on the tube, so the lab won't process it), which means I've had to have them re-done. The last test she did it was actually my GP who phoned me to tell me I was low on iron as I guess he got sent a copy of the blood results.

    At my last midwife appointment she didn't even ask me if I was ok / how I was feeling etc. Just did all the stuff she had to and then told me to make my next appointment (which she tried to book for a week later than it should have been!).

    To be honest, I've kind of resigned myself to the fact that I have to keep on top of my care and ensure that I have the correct appointments etc. If I were you I'd call them (or your GP) a few days after your next blood test and ask for the results - you're entitled to know!
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