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How is everyone?

Just a nosey really as to how everyone else is and what stage ur all at....hosp bag packed? Nursery ready? Taking it easy? Birthplan sorted?!!

I've just about got everything for my hos bag, justneed to pack it, my birth plans done.

I'm getting tired a lot now , supposed to br having friEnd for dinner on sat but can't be asked to cook etc so I'm gonna take her out I hope that doesn't look too rude...

We were meant to set up the crib today and rearrange room etc but didn't get round to it, went to tesco to check out so called clothing sale it was rubbish! And mothercare assistant measured me all wrong for nursing bra so gonna have to take it back!

Anyhow that's me , looking forwRd to hitting the 37 week mark next Thursday although I don't think my breech baby will turn round by then lol

Would be nice to read how everyone else is !!


36 weeks xx image


  • Hiya,

    I'm just finishing my first week of maternity leave and its been great!

    I'm a fellow breech baby carrier, hehe. Got my ECV booked for monday and a bit nervous but going to see what happens. Part of me is quite excited that they might book a c section at 39 weeks so i wont have long to meet baby girl. What are they doing with your bubba? Have you been offered ECV?

    Nusery all ready, well just got to put sheets in cot/moses but want to do that last minute so they dont get all dusty, they're all washed tho. Got one more load to wash of muslins and towels etc and then everything is clean and ready to go. Wonder if i'll iron her clothes once she's here, doubt it!? hehe

    Hospital bag is out and ready to pack and slowly gathering bits. Baby bag is packed so i'm getting there.

    Works xmas lunch today that im going in for, yum.

    Not long now, yaaaay!!!

  • Exciting stuff , can't quite believe this moments arrived!

    Wisps, they won't do ecv as I've had a previous c section . Hope urs is successful though

    I've been wondering whether to iron baby's clothes too, will prob dinit just before I pack baby's bag

    Getting crib down from attic to set up today or weekend so everything will be more or less done

    I'm still waiting for my nesting thing to kick in , everything does need an overhaul but I'm waiting for offers of help, doesnt look like I'm going to get any though! Lol

  • Baby is enghaged and back to back image nursery not even a bit ready. Nothing washed. Chest of drawers not built. Wish husband would see the need at this stage to pull his finger out and do something, but no!
  • I'm ready, uncomfortable and fed up - it can come now if it wants, preferably before we get snowed in!

    Mrs B xxx
  • very tired but more due to works Christmas party last night and only getting to bed at 1. In work today, 1 week left til maternity starts.

    Done NOTHING bar bought two packets of nappies and couple of packs of babygros. DS' stuff still all packed away. Baby sharing room with DS but still all his stuff - need to have sort out, although have bought new chest of drawers which I need to paint.

    No hospital bag, no birth plan (although know it in my head - similar to last time!). Collecting crib and car seat from in laws at Christmas!

    Breech ladies - probably already tried this, but my NCT lady said to one girl who was breech to get on all fours and then if you can manage it raise your legs onto low step or sofa, gravity helps to bring baby round.
  • feeling severely impatient and constantly hoping i will go into labour even tho maybe its a bit early........everything is ready just need to arrange hospital bag......four weeks seems like an eternity to me now lol......terrible pain in pelvis especially when in bed cant turn over...looked it up and seems to be spd but not gonna do anything about it cant think of anything worse than bed rest, as im still hiking the dog around fields hoping to get baby into a good position, and my four year old aint one for sitting around quietly lol. cant say ive bothered with a birth plan.....dont think midwives even looked at it last time think they just made a quick judgement of my personality and cracked on and i must say they read me like a book. hopefully at next check on weds baby will be in right position...feels as tho she is from what i can tell...fingers crossed...good luck anyone who pops early!
  • Hi ladies

    Had my last nct class last night and everything is organised apart from this little bubba who is still breech. I'll be 38 weeks on monday. Wispa, have you had a scan? I've not really been told much. I'm booked for a scan on Tuesday and I don't know if that's just a scan or whether they will try ecv if possible. I hate waiting.

    I've still been trying to turn it. Gave up on tuft acupressure as it didn't do anything barr stink my house out. been on all fours with legs raised up on the sofa, pelvic tilts, swimming, warm bath and cold ice pack on top of bump, but nowt. Really hoping it will turn next week so I can go to the local birthing centre.

    Unless its a planned c sec, I think it still be another 4 weeks until I see this baby.
  • oh another thing my NCT woman said for breech babies, was place a bag of frozen peas on top of bump and hot water bottle at bottom as the baby will try to move to the warmth, however as I'm guessing there's not much room left in tummies anymore, not sure how this will work!
  • Hi

    Great to see how everyones getting (or not getting!) on hubs being lazy too still keeps putting off setting crib up...

    Thanks for breech baby turning tips, I'm gonna try the all fours one as it seems the easiest!

    Might be too much info but my knicks getting quite damp during the day I know it can't be waters but may be body getting ready . Just feeling exhausted now really wish my family would come up over Xmas I've already hinted (they live 200 miles away) but hate asking as don't wanna put them on the spot

    I guess it will be just as difficult looking after my toddler and baby when it arrives so I suppose it's good practice! image

    Sb xxx
  • Gingerpoodle, i had scan on monday and theyve got me booked in for repeat scan plus ECV if still needed straight after on monday coming. Doesnt sound like theyve given u much info which is rubbish. x
  • Monkey Nuts.... Im with you on this one! Before we're snowed in would be good for us too!

    My mat leave started on Monday...wooo hoo!

    I am all ready to meet this little one soon, although Im only 34+4, so maybe a lttle early but we know baby is a good size and healthy!

    Im so uncomfortable, still have sickness and acid reflux so cant enjoy my food, even just taking my DD to toddlers or swimming is hard work just now.

    I have my hospital bag almost done, just got to add a few things for baby. Haven't written my birth plan but will do it this weekend. Everything is washed, ironed and waiting. Crib built and moses all cleaned. Ohhh I still have to wash the car seat!

    I have even wrapped all xmas parcels, and delivering them tomorrow just incase I get lucky! Normally Im running around mad on xmas eve!

  • I'm thoroughly disorganised right now....everything is still in the loft (I have it all but it still needs to be re-washed, re-built and generally sterilised again!). I have everything for my hospital bag...just not in a bag yet.

    I finished work yesterday though so have big plans for the next week while my daughter is still at nursery!

    Am also completely exhausted and can't get my wedding/engagement rings on anymore as everything is getting a bit swollen (didn't happen last time!). MW told me to put my feet up and relax and am making the most of it with DH!!

    Not long to go now though image


  • Munchkins mum

    Haha u can't get rings on and I can't get my rings OFF!

    Planned c sec if baby doesn't turn so will need to get them off but I think state my fingers are in even soap won't work lol

    Seem to have suddenly got Swollen hands and

    Feet which didn't happen last time either ! Must be thenrunning around after toddler!


    36 + 2
  • Stress insomnia! In fact, I've had it pretty much since 33 weeks when I found out baby is breech. It is really doing my head in. Apart from the regular 5 or 6 trips to loo, I'm also waking at about 4am and just cane get back to sleep because I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen. I know in reality I should just chill as It's out of my hands but the neurotic side of me can't stop thinking about it. It's not helping with the bags under the eyes image

    Roll on Tuesday. Good luck tomorrow Wispa. Hope they can turn baby x
  • Hey gp, I'm forever getting up too to pee and eat!!!

    Don't stress, what will be will be, I did hate the not knowing what will happen, will it turn, won't it turn etc but am strangely calm about it all and in my head have decided it won't turnand that 5th is d day... I've read drinking more water may help if u want to try that

    Try and chill Hun these last few weeks should be the least stressful dont let stubborn bubs spoil it, at least u know it's comfy in there!

    Good luck with your ecv's xxxx

    Sb x
  • Morning all,

    Been suffering with a really sore throat all weekend and not been sleeping great, so last week in work, office freezing and I feel rubbish!

    Also getting annoyed with hubby as he is not interested in sorting anything out for the baby! I bought some chest of drawers from ebay last week and went to collect them on Saturday morning but they wouldn't fit in car. So after hubby had finished work last night we had to go borrow a van from his boss, go get the drawers then drop them home, then return the van. Didn't get home til 9 and he moaned the whole time. I know he'd been working all day but he's working all week and the woman I bought them from said if they weren't gone by Wednesday she would re-sell them! Plus they were only ??20 as compared to ??60-80 in Ikea, so thought he'd be pleased!

    Then I tried talking to him about my birth plan and he's just doesn't seem interested. Last time I was adamant I didn't want pethidine, as I thought it would make baby drowsy and hinder breastfeeding, but have done more research into it this time, and don't think it's as bad as I first thought, but tried discussing this with hubby and he was not helpful at all!

    I know I'm going to be doing everything this time, and he'll be rushing round when I'm in labour asking where's this or what's that, MEN eh!

    That's my moan over! Hope everyone else is having a better morning!
  • im 37 wks today and feeling very dissorganised!!!! the nursery is a tip with boxes of boys and girls clothes (we dont no wat were having!) and xmas boxes!! i have managed to wash and iron all my white newborn bits and a couple of blue and pink bits. thats about it! had midwife on weds and she sed baby is head down and very very low! (dont i no it too!!!!! lol) all my family reckon im gonna have it on xmas day but im keeping my legs firmly shut!!! am hoping for a home birth too so fingers crossed!! image xx
  • Hi ladies,

    35+5 today and my little one is oblique, so basically doing a neckstand with the back of her head across my pelvic bone. So lots of pressure & discomfort! When did you all find out that your babies were engaging?

    I've just started packing my hospital bag with a few bits but haven't even looked at doing my birth plan. Starting to think I'm behind compared to you all!! x
  • Aw cas what a palaava re ikea cupboards!

    And men, well u have my sympathies, mines been slack recently too, I dont think it hits the

    Til they actually see the baby for the first time

    Well today finally got the crib set up. My 2 and a half year old decided he wanted to jump in so keeping him away from it's gonna be fun lol

    Hosp bag packed but need to get a few more bits, I was hoping to get it next Monday during boxing day sales

    I still need to get a nice going home outfit for baby

    Getting checked tmrw to

    See. If bubs still breech , I'm not really fussed anymore, getting used to idea now

    Hope everyones good can't believe how much my feet and fingers have swollen, I can't get my rings off lol


  • SB, I've started swelling too. I didn't really take much notice of the fact I can't wear my rings, but the midwife spotted that my ankles and legs are swelled and also mentioned my face was too (much to my surprise) so now I'm being monitored.

    Midwife check again 2moro then consultant appointment in the afternoon I hope it's not a big fat waste of time like last time!

    I have the opposite with my hubs. He's becoming obsessive! Every 5 mins he's telling me to get bouncing on my ball, asking whether I've sorted my hospital bag, obsessively cleaning the house like he's nesting and the baby isnt due for another month! X
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