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Nursery Furniture

Hello Everyone, just wondering what u have all done regarding nursery furniture, it seems so pricey for tiny furniture for little people, but I am guessing the cheaper stuff is rubbish? Hard to tell from online. I think I am going for a bonito bebe sleigh set, 3 pieces for ??810, is this reasonable? What has everyone else gone for? Can anyone recommend online stores or brands? Didn't see anything in mamas and papas.


  • Sorry, I'm probably not much help. We had two wardrobes and a chest of drawers in that room already which are "adult" ones from MFI. We bought our cotbed second hand from ebay. It's a mamas and papas and in really good order - we had a look at it before we bought it to makesure it was all good. Worth ??300 and we got it for ??45 then just had to buy a new mattress.
  • Hi there

    Having spent a fortune on mothercare Jamestown furniture for the nursery when I had my DD I have to say that actually getting normal furniture and just buying the cotbed is a very smart approach.

    With hindsight (wonderful thing that it is) I should have shopped around for decent furniture that will last through to teenage years and just bought the cotbed.

    Clearly though that's a very practical way of looking at it and it's actually so much fun choosing the furniture for you new arrival, especially when it's your first image

    Sorry probably not much help either. I did take a look at the furniture and if it's the one that comes up on Amazon it looks lovely.


  • We bought nursery furniture for my first child and it was beautiful to look at but really a waste of money, for number 2 we just bought a new cot/bed and bought a really nice cheast of draws for a changing mat to go on top, our house has built in wardrobes so no need for those anyway, we have done the same for number 3 but havent had to buy a cotbed as my other sons are in big beds now.

    The nursery furniture is so expensive for what it is and they arent babies for long.
  • We got a lolllipop lane set. Cotbed, draws, changing unit, wardrobe, shelf and mattress. It's all solid oak. Should have cost just over ??2500 but it was ex display so got the lot for ??700. Nothing wrong with it just had been made up in the shop. It's going to last ages hopefully and the wardrobe and draws you could use in an adult room. That was our bargain find xx
  • This time round I havent bought nursery furniture as this LO will be sharing with my DD.

    When I was expecting first time round all the wardrobes I could find were half sizes.... I did manage to find a full size one, and just as well as now my DD who is only 2 is wearning much bigger clothes than for her age so the baby wardrobe would have had to be changed already.

    I did lots of shopping around, the stuff I seen was in Mothercare but I got it in an ebay shop for half the price.

    I bought a 4 piece set (cot bed, mattress, drawers with removable changer, and wardrobe)for about ??600. The furniture is quite decent, we have moved house since ours was built and its survived.

    This time I just intend to buy another cot bed int he same design so baby has the cot and my DD will be in her cot bed until both are old enough to use bunks!

    This is where I bought my stuff

    Might be worth a look.

  • I would suggest you to go for various type of rugs below on your furniture so that if they fallen down they won't get injured.

    Cowhide patchwork rugs

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