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Baby Eloise is here!

Well baby Eloise is finally here and was a good girl and arrived on her due date!

I was due on Friday 20th and at 730pm had my first contraction which was very intense (compared to my first labour with my son). Within an hour contractions were 3-5mins apart and really strong lasting over min each. Rang the hospital and they said come up and give them half an hour if I could!! Arrived at hospital about 930 by the time I was examined I was 8cms, so got the birthing pool ready and at 11.32pm with three pushes Eloise was born weighing 7lb 1oz.

Giving birth in the water was such an amazing experience (minus the horrendous pain of course) The head crowning isn't as painful as being on dry land, you don't feel the stinging!!

I was SO scared of another long labour. My son was 36hrs, I was totally exhausted he was distressed at the end after I pushed forever, with no luck and ended up having him sucked out and was torn and cut to bits!

After giving birth at 11.30pm I left 3.5hrs later and was home just after 3am - couldn't believe it!!

The best thing was that my son who is 4yrs old went to bed at 7pm and when he woke up and came downstairs there was his little sister!!

My spd/pelvic problems I hope will be gone in a week or so, hips still sore but can feel a difference already!

Congratulations to everyone else and hope no one else is waiting too long!

Rachel xx


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