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Baby Harriet has arrived

Hello all

Sorry for slight delay in posting this, I have only just been able to get back onto my laptop so will do announcement and story at the same time. Baby Harriet Frances was born at 3.16am on 19th Jan weighing exactly 8lbs.

I started getting contractions 4am on 18th but it took until 8pm for them to ramp up enough for me to phone the hospital (my waters also went at the same time). Went in and they had run the birthing pool etc. I was gutted when they said I was only 3 cm so couldn't go in yet!

Eventually I got into the pool and was in there for a couple of hours until just after midnight when the MW thought there might be meconium in the pool so I had to come out. They examined me and I was still only 7cm and they decided they wanted to put me on monitoring so I had to move from MW led to Consultant led unit.

Amusingly as I had just got out of the pool I was wheeled round to the delivery suite kneeling against the back of the bed, completely naked with two sheets wrapped round to protect my modesty...not the most glamorous journey I have every made!

Once in the delivery suite they started monitoring baby and her heart rate was quite low and I had a lip of cervix that was stopping my pushing from being effective. They put my epidural in (low dose as I was very close to pushing but bless them they let me have it). I started pushing and they eased the lip of cervix over her head as I pushed and that released her head. They attached the suction cup to help and with three more good pushes she was born at 3.16am, 10 days late.

She had the cord around her neck so they gave me a quick look at her then whisked her off to give her a little encouragement. She was absolutely fine though.

I needed stitches so they got which point I lost all feeling in my hands and feet, head started ringing and wanted to throw up/pass out....and it all got a little chaotic. I lost a lot of blood (2.3l) and needed all sorts of drips, oxygen and things to get me right again. I had two units of blood on Thursday night which helped me feel better and having managed to walk all around the ward, have a shower on my own etc on Saturday I was finally released.

So we have been home for a couple of days, Roslyn is very excited by her new sister and is being a little star, I'm so very proud of her.

Sorry this was a bit of war and peace effort...if you made it to the end well done.

Love MM and Harriet.


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