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Baby Bartlett is here!

Sorry it's taken so long to let you girls know but I am pleased to announce that Lenny James Eric Bartlett was born on Thursday 12th january 2012 at 8.14am by emergency c-section weighing 6lbs 15ozs. Contractions started at 10.15pm on Tuesday. Labour was a bit traumatic. lenny was very distressed and was stunned when he was born and had to be resusatated and have cardiac compressions for a minute. He is all ok now and I am completely in awe of him. I know I'm biased but he is beautiful xx


  • Hi, congratulations! I havent posted on here for ages (since we were all about 20 weeks I think!) But remember you as we were due same date. Just wanted to say glad to hear you are both doing well now after a shaky start. Love the name lenny image x x
  • Wow, sounds like you had a bit of a time of it!! Congratulations!! I'm glad Lenny is doing well and you are enjoying being a mummy.

    Take care

  • Huge congratulations on the birth of Lenny.... lovely name!

    Glad your both doing well after a bit of a rocky start!

    Congrats again!

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