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My baby's coming home - 4 weeks later!

Hi all,

Congratulations ladies who have all given birth! Hope you're all ok!

If you didn't see my previous post, my little boy was born 4 weeks early on the 2nd January and has been in hospital ever since. He's had the CMV virus which a lot of the population have had at some point in their life and poses no threat except in unborn babies, very similar symptoms to a common cold so most people don't realise they've had it. I was unlucky enough to contract CMV during pregnancy and passed onto the baby making him very ill. When he was born he wasn't breathing, had to be resuscitated, ventilated for first week of birth, had enlarged liver and spleen, low blood platelets, jaundice etc etc.

Well the good news is after 4 weeks exactly on the neonatal unit he is finally coming home this afternoon! To say I'm excited is an understatement! Finally, and only 3 days after my due date, my baby will be here with us and we can get on with being a family of 4!


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