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Morning ladies, how is everyone?

How are your babies sleeping? I'm not expecting Jenson to sleep through or anything like that at this stage, he's 9 weeks today, but he was in a really good routine leaving the hospital waking every four hours for a feed, generally around 2 and 6am but the last few nights he just hasn't slept much at all. I don't think he likes his crib! He'll fall asleep in my arms but as soon as I put him down he wakes up. I don't really like co-sleeping as worry I'll roll over him or he'll roll under the covers or pillows but we can't go on like this. I've tried putting a piece of my clothing in there, a hot water bottle, swaddling him....but nothing seems to work!

Any suggestions? He sleeps well in his bouncy chair and his car seat but don't think these are good for his posture for long periods of time.

Hope everyone is ok!


  • Have you tried putting down awake and letting him cry for a little while. We did this with Lucas and it works. If we put him down asleep he jut wakes up crying. If he goes down awake he self soothes x
  • Amelia will wake every 2hrs after the initial going to sleep bit, meaning she'll do anything up to 6hrs when we initially put her down at about 8pm til about 2am and then will generally wake every 2 hrs after that, so you're lucky to have your bubba go 4 hrs between feeds. Are you Breastfeeding?

    The only way Amelia will go down straight into her Moses basket is if she's been laid with her head against my boob, with her nose near my nipple as she can hear my heartbeat which is very soothing and can smell my milk which comforts her that I'm still there. I then slowly move to the edge of her Moses basket and move my arm from under her so that one of my hands is cupping her head (still against my boob) and the other partially on her lower back and bum. Then in one fairly swift (but not to wake her up) action I lower her into her Moses basket and if she stirrs I keep a hand either on her bum or thigh, or against her cheek (if she doesnt wriggle away) until she settles which is usually 5 seconds or so. X
  • Ellie feeds every four hours or so, she will usually do one period of about 6 hours without a bottle but not always during the night! She is really difficult to settle and we have long since put away moses bSket as she just wouldnt sleep in it. Occasionally she'll sleep in her cot but mostly she does an hour ir so in her pram carrycot (wiggled to sleep) then in with me, holding her so she doesnt get squashed or anything. I hate doing this because I cant sleep properly and get so stiff and uncomfortable. Sleeping is the area I feel we have most problems with, but now I realise we're not alone! I did feel like everyone elses babies were sleeping perfectly and I was the only one! Good luck everyone image x x
  • Sleeping is a bit mixed for us. We've had quite a few nights of 6 hrs from around 11.30pm to 6am but then we get nights like last night where he feeds but then won't sleep, last night he finally fell asleep in my arms in bed at gone 1am, then woke again at 4 soon after I put him in his crib. I did get him back in his crib at 4.20 after a short feed but has left me knackered again as hubby wa up at 6.10 and ds1 around 7. E slept through to 7.30.

    When we get good nights with 6 hrs or so it is mixed as to whether he wil sleep in his crib or whether it has to be in bed with us.

    I'm grateful that he is pretty good at sleeping, he certainly could be a lot worse.

    Next step for us is to somehow get him to switch his early morning sleep of a couple of hrs to the evening and get him always sleeping in his crib rather than in our bed some of the time.
  • Hi ladies

    I hope you're all well and enjoying your little bundles of joy. I've not really been on here since my DD has been born.

    She's 8 weeks and I have been trying to have some sort of routine to help her sleep. She doesn't like going to sleep on her own so it's very difficult to get her to nap in the day. In the evenings, we have been doing a bath/feed/bed routine and putting her in her moses basket from around 7-7:30pm. However she tends to be awake until around 8:30 - 9 as we try to battle through the tears as she doesn't want to be on her own - I think she just gives in in the end through exhaustion. Once we finally get her to sleep, she's pretty good. I "wake" her around 10:30/11pm for a dreamfeed and then she sleeps between 5 1/2 & 7 1/2 hours. She has no problem going back in to her moses basket & going straight back to sleep.

    We too tried the hot water bottle, milk on a muslin, swaddling and all of these things don't work. I have been reading a bit on the baby whisperer - any of you heard/tried this? I was going to try the pat/sshh thing to hopefully get her to go to sleep on her own at naps and start of bedtime.

    Tonight will be interesting as she's had her jabs this morning & she's been sleeping for most of the day. x
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