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3 month update

Hi everyone

Just wondering how you're all getting on now you've reached/about to reach the 3 month mark (how fast have the last 3 months gone!!!)

Lewis is doing really well, he's now 14lbs 1oz - total milk fiend... we have just recently moved to all bottle feeding as I was feeling quite poorly with the breast feeding, but am glad I managed it for a good couple of months... Lewis is now also sleeping through the night most nights, we've got a great bedtime routine when he is asleep by 7pm, he has a late bottle at 10.30 and then goes through to btween 6am-7am - having said that the last couple of nights he's woken at 4am... not hungry but got a blocked stuffy nose so hes not able to breathe properly poor mite, its horrible listening to him snuffle away - tho the vapour rub snuffle babies does help a wee bit.

Here is a recent piccie of him, do let me know how all the other gorgeous Jan babies are doing!


  • He is adorable!!! 3 months already!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I had a baby girl last week! Her name is Georgina and she was 8lbs 8oz.

    Thank you for all your support since I joined the site

    Love being a mummy!!! xx


  • Oh wow Kate that is fantastic news!!! I've been checking the may thread over on yayw and been wondering how u were....Georgina is a lovely name and what a healthy size...good girl!! Hope the birth was ok, pop a piccie on if u can at some point would love to see her.

    I am sooooooo delighted for you sweetie, this news has really made my day, lotz of love and hugs and a massive warm welcome to the world to Georgina.

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