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How are we all 4 months on?

I don't come on here as often as I did now that my little girl is almost 4 months old, but I thought i'd check to see how you're all doing now.

We're still breastfeeding and doing well, and my little girl is taking bottles of expressed every day too which helps me out a bit! She's started rolling over, and is sitting (all be it, supported) really well. Her favourite toy is either her linky rings or ribbon at the minute.

We're also starting to decide on whether to wean soon too, as she's showing all the signs of perhaps being ready (watching us eat, chewing motion, waking for an extra feed at night etc) x


  • Hi! My little girl has just started sleeping well, having her last bottle aroynd 10pm and waking for the next around 6am. Before this she was a nightmare to settle but literally overnight it changed! I know it wont last long though, she is still being swaddled and that will have to stop as the weather gets warmer. Im trying to hold off from weaning for as long as possible but will probably only get to 5 months! She has been sitting really well (supported) for quite a while (looks soooo cute in trolley!) But has only just managed to roll from back to front yesterday. She is VERY noisy, but I guess she has to be - she has an older brother! I am currently 8 weeks pregnant.... Completely unplanned! Feels odd as it really does seem like just yesterday I was pregnant with my daughter!
  • Hi ladies, glad to hear everything is going well for u both. Congrats MyB's it must have been quite a shock to find out your pregnant again. My little girl has been doing great. Up until she was 5 weeks she was up every hour on the hour at night but since then she has been sleeping from 8pm to 9am once we got her into a better feeding routine. She is a very lazy eater so I always make sure she has a bottle at certain times otherwise she would happily go without. She has slowly been gaining weight she was last weighed at 13weeks old (2 weeks ago) and she was 11lb 5oz( She was born weighing 7lb 2oz). I think we will make it to the 6 months before weaning her but I will wean her early if she shows signs of wanting proper food. She can't quite roll over yet but she is so close to doing it. She started laughing just over a week ago it's the cutest laugh I have ever heard! When do u think u will move ur baby into their own room? She is nearly out of her basket but I'm not to keen on her going into her own room yet because she is so little. I might move the cot into our room but I don't know if I that will make it harder for her when she eventually needs to go in to her own room. Any advice? Xx
  • Amelia went into her own room at 8 weeks old because she is a noisy sleeper, and I snore so we were disturbing each other. She sleeps like a dream in her own room, and we haven't looked back. Personally I wouldn't move the cot into your room otherwise your little one will get used to sleeping in the same room as you and make it ten times harder when they go in their own room. We put Amelia in her Moses basket in the cot for a few nights first, and during the day I'd lay her directly in the cot awake whilst I put her clothes away etc so she was used to the room. As she's breastfed she sometimes sleeps 7-7 but mostly she wakes once for a feed around 2am x Congratulations mrsbs!
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