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Update from Eloise :)

Hi All

Not sure if anyone still comes in this group anymore, so wont ramble on too much in case I’m talking to Mr Nobody!! lol

So…. Eloise was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at 10 days old. Once over the shock (which was horrendous) I have now put all my energy into finding out and researching programmes and different learning methods.

Eloise was rolling from her back to tummy at 13 weeks and in the last couple of weeks has rolled from tummy to back. Eloise is nearly sitting unassisted and showing signs of wanting/starting to crawl. Eloise was 6 months last week!! J

I do have a programme of things I do with Eloise on a daily basis but most of it is structured through play so it hasn’t over taken my life! I enjoy doing something positive for her and it’s great to see such great results for a baby who is ‘supposed to be delayed’!

I feel Down Syndrome is given such a bad name and so misunderstood. If anyone would like any info about Eloise’s development, Down Syndrome or the programmes she follows please feel free to ask or message me privately. I am MORE than happy to help image

If anyone reading this has or knows of a child with any developmental delay not just DS (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHA, learning difficulties or developmental delay) have a look at the snow drop programme it is AMAZING! There is also a private face book group you can join and speak to other parents who are on the snowdrop programme (like Eloise) and have had great results.

I have posted a few photos of my little monkey. Eloise melts my heart everyday and im SO proud of her.

Hope everyone is doing ok and would love to hear how you are getting on 

Rachel and Eloise xxx image


She has a serious 'Do' going on!! LOL xx












  • Hi, I remember you image wow, congratulations to you both for doing so well! Ellie was 6 months on the 10th and only just ahead of eloise in development. She has only been sitting unaided for about a week, but don't think it will be long before shes crawling. She keeps getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth for a while, then launching herself forward! So funny! Eloise is so cute, I LOVE the hair! It looks like the middle bit is quite a bit darker than the rest? I think I remember the pic you posted when she was new she had loads of dark hair? Ellie has loads of the palest (almost white!) hair ever, I call her my little blonde chimp coz that is seriously what she looks like! Im pregnant again (total accident!) due dec... Don't know how I'm going to manage! Xx
  • Sorry lol just noticed your profile pic! X
  • She is just adorable....any child is a blessing and yours is just perfect. Congrats x

  • Oh wow congratulations, two babies born in the same year!! Busy times ahead for you image Glad you're getting on well and Elllie is doing good, sounds like she will be crawling very soon! Eloise's hair was alot darker when born but is getting lighter all over (just like my sons did). Fingers crossed the sides catch up with top soon!! lol

    Hope your pregnancy goes well and good luck!! image

    Rachel and Eloise xx



  • Hello, I remember when Eloise was diagnosed and I'm glad you're doing so well. My son Jenson was born 4 weeks early and has to be resuscitated at birth. His Apgar score was 0. Consequently those first few hours, we didn't know if he'd survive, then how well he would be and then whether he was brain damaged. We've been told they can't find anything wrong but one doctors thinks he may have co-ordination and mobility problems. I'm very pleased to say at 7 months, he is doing everything his big brother did at the same age, and is at a similar level to my friends babies. Some older ones he's ahead of, and some younger ones he's behind but found this with my elder son so not concerned. In fact he is so close to crawling, currently getting bum in the air, supporting himself on his arms and rocking back and forth. He can go roound in circles and is getting very frustrated that he can't seem to work out how to go forward. He's also practically sitting up but is still a bit wobbly so still have to watch him. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with him, he's responsive to us and music and toys. He will hold things, I've just started giving him finger foods and finding this is helping his co-ordination too. 

    I am going to check out snowdrops though as it all helps, and if there is anything I can do to help either of my children then I will. 

    Good luck!



  • Hi, just checking in on the off chance that yo are around.  My brothers little girl was born on 1st December 2014 and was diagnosed at 5 days old with downs syndrome.  I witnessed and expertienced the most incredible emotions.  Abigail is now 15 months old and the mst incredible little lady.  She is the sweetest, most loving prettiest happiest funniest litte lady and I thought of you and your story.  Abigail has changed our world and shown us truly what is important.  How is Ellie? xx

  • Hello!

    So kind of you to think of us. I remember you too! :) 

    Eloise is amazing! She was 4 in January. Eloise was discharged from all nhs services by the age of 2yrs, walking at 19 months and attends nursery without any 1-2-1 help. Eloise started private speech therapy at 9 months and can now speak clearly and is age appropriate in all areas at the moment. 

    I put a lot of extra work into Eloise and went private for everything. It all paid off though as she's just a typical 4yr old now. 

    Is your brother on a face book group called the future of downs? It's great! 

    Any help or advise I can give please contact me as I'm always happy to help. 

    Hope you and you family are well. Big hugs to Abigail she sounds amazing!  

    Rachel xx

  • We also had a third child, Isla, who will be 2 in April. Eloise and Isla are best buddies and big brother Aiden looks after them and loves them so much xx

  • Hi

    Firstly can I just say how absolutely beautiful Eloise is, just adorabl. I have Mia who is almost 14 months. i just wondered if you could tell me a little more about the snowdrop programme and the types of things they got you doing and how it helped? Also I am thinking of looking into private speech therapy so you feel it really helped? 

    Thankyou in advance, like you I am trying to be as proactive and positive as I can for Mia x

  • Hi Helensparkles, we have another thread you can reach Eloise's mum, Rachel on right here. 

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