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Looks like I'm the first here!

Hi, I've just found out I'm pregnant! It's going to be our first babyimage The cbd says I'm 2-3 weeks. I'm so nervous and happy and excited and terrified! Looking forward to meeting you other ladies, come and join me for a chat!

Owensmummy, I'm waiting for you xxx


  • Hello jollyjoey!!! I'm here too. 4+4 today. Baby number 2 for us, our little girl is now 20mths old.

    Can't wait to meet our other January mummies.

    Happy and healthy pregnancies to us all.


  • Hey jollyJoey!

    Im here!!!!! image Yayy its finally let us post! I found out that i am pg on the 24th april, did the CB Digi and it said 'Pregnant 1-2'. I did the CB Digi again yesterday and it now says 'Pregnant 2-3'!!!!. Fink we may be due at the same time Hehe.

    Still can't believe it, this is baby no.2, my ds is 3 years 4 months! He will be the best big bro ever!

    Looking forward to meeting others too! X

  • Hi MrsT04, i think im 4+1!

    Nice to meet you x

  • Hi owensmummy and jollyjoey,

    I'm here too!! image

    MrsT04 - nice to meet you.

    I think I'm 4+0 - done cheapie tests since fri today I used my cbdigi - (still can't believe it) and it said 1-2 weeks.

    Look forward to sharing with you over the next 8/9 months!


  • Hello jollyjoey, MrsT04, owensmummy08 and jojo13!!

    I found out about a week ago that I'm pregnant. Kind of waving hello to you all veyr nervously as have had 2 miscarriages recently and terrified of it happening again, but am making myself think positive unless something happens image

    Did a CBD today and it said 3+!!! Think I'll be due the 1st of january image

    Looking forward to everything over the next 8 or 9 months as well xx

  • Welcome KittleLitten - congratulationas and keping everything crossed for you this time.


  • Welcome Kittlelitten - congrats! Fingers crossed for u, I'm in a similar situation having had one miscarriage. Trying to stay positive but on constant knicker watch! Lol! Anyway here's to a happy healthy 8/9months xxx
  • yep, constant knicker watch lol!

    congratulations everyone on your BFPs image so darn pleased to be in this forum with you image!!

  • Hello January girlsimage Came back from work not long ago so I'm catching up.

    Great to meet you Kittle Littenimage Hello Owensmummy, MrsT04 and Jojo13image It's so amazing to be with you in Due in January! Happy and healthy 9 months for us allimage

    How are you all doing? I don't have any sickness at all, but my boobies are killing me (walking down the stairs actually hurts!), still have cramps and could sleep all day. And I counted and calculated, and I can be either 13, 15, or 18dpo lol

    I'm so anxious for my first little bean, I just hope all will be fine.

    Goodnight xxxx

  • Hi jollyjoey and all - I shouldn't speak to soon, but I am feeling fine. I had some cramping after implantation and am feeling pooped, but that's nothing new running round after a toddler!! Had lots of wind and some bloating.  I was lucky in my last pregnancy that I was pretty sympton free so hoping for the same this time round?!

    We're off swimming this morning - for the first timers amongst us, I would highly recommend Water Babies - we have been going since little one was 12wks old and it's the best thing we have done!

    Have a good day everyone xx

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm due on the 2nd Jan. I have a little boy who is 2 in a few weeks! Also feeling tired and bloated! Look forward to getting to know you all and Congrats everyone! x

  • Hi girls

    I'm so happy to come and join you and can't believe that I'm here.  I hope everything is going well, apart from sore boobs image

    I have a DD who is just over 2.5 years.  It took a while to conceive her (11 months) and so I was expecting number 2 to be the same but luckily this time my DH just sneezed!

    I'm feeling really nervous and still in shock - going to go and buy a CB digital so that see those words.  I've done FR and superdrug.

    Sickness hasn't kicked in yet  - thank goodness.  it was week 7 last time!  This time I seem to be suffering insomnia - so completely tired.

    Might ring and see about getting a booking in appointment - can't remember the process.

    Looking forward to sharing the next 9 months with you all and take care now XX

  • Hi NurseCol and Izzybel - welcome to our little group!! Nice to have some other second timers too! x

  • Have popped over from DID although I suppose I could be either at the moment as my EDD is NYE because I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you jollyJoey!!! Think we were originally supposed to be testing on the same day and we both ended up with our BFPs image x

    Congrats to everyone else too xx

  • Hi jollyJoey jojo13,kittlelitten,MrsT04,NurseCol and Izzybel!

    Lets here it for the January Babies!!!! HeHe imageimage.

    Hope we are all well and a big congratulations to you all, its so lovely to be in the forum with you!!

    I am literally still in shock, didn't think it would happen this quick but it has and am soooo happy!image.

    It took us 8 weeks to concieve DS and 8 weeks this time around! DH jokes he has super sperm!!!image. I feel very different this time around, i have been more concious of ov dates, buying the ov strips and working out the fertile days etc still can't believe it happened this quick! Felt the symptoms much sooner, feeling faint, sicky but hungry at the same time!!??.

    Well im off to bed soon i have a stinking cold and feel so tiredimage . But look forward to catching up with you all soon image X

  • I'm in bed with a stinking cold too. Naff all on tv image Got my ovaltine to make me feel better!! Night all x
  • Hi Nurse Col and Izzybel, and welcomeimage Congratulations, here's for a h&h nine monthsimage

    Thanks so much Mrs Ashimage Who knows, you can have a January baby, Maybe I'll have a December one! My hubby laughs that our little one is coming on my birthday - 28thDec;p

    Jojo13 and KittleLitten - is it going to be your first baby?

    I'm going to the doctors this afternoon, I have an awful cold which doesn't seem to go away and has been on and off for almost three weeks now - I'm a bit worried. And of course to book with the midwifeimage

    Me and my hubby are so happy - our little bean is growing every day, still can't believe it's only a month since my implant removal! (26th March removal, 26th April faint positive lol)

    take care girls xxxxxx

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