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Due Dates!!



  • Could you add me too? I think 6th January - eek!!xx

  • Could you add me please, I am due 15th jan x
  • Expecting again ur due a day after me lol x
  • My due date is the same day as my mother in laws birthday, and my mums birthday is the day before on 14 th so it will be a busy time of year from now on I think! Loopy013 is this your first? Do you have any pregnancy symptoms yet?
  • Hi all,

    Can you please add me, expecting my first baby on the 18th Jan i think. Early days so fingers crossed x

  • Expecting again yes this is my first its taken up nearly two years and fertility treatment to get here so we're over the moon. I was starting to think that it would never happen. I'm tired and my (.)(.)'s are sore on the sides but that's it so far. Have you got any symtoms? I'm assuming this isn't your first looking at your name lol?

    Calico82 welcome and congratulations!!! x

  • Congratulations everyone!

    Loopy013I have a 12 month old daughter, so this will be number 2! I have found i cant walk more that 2 minutes without getting a stitch, I dont remember that one from my first pregnancy (but I did less walking back then!). Im hoping it will pass. I havn't had any morning sickness yet, I think it usually starts around 6 weeks, so I will make the most of this week! I'm strangly looking forward to and hoping for morning sickness as i dont feel very pregnant at the moment.

  • Expecting again I know what you mean. I'm hoping I'll be lucky enough to skip morning sickness as I work in a very small office and I want to keep the pregnancy a secret until 12 weeks although I would like some more symtoms so that I feel more pregnant lol!

    I don't feel as tired today and feel quite 'normal' so I'm worrying now I want them to come back lol x

  • Hi loopy013 and all - I work in a small office too, so morning sickness is not something I need to contend with!! I have told my one colleague who is also my best friend, but hope to keep it from everyone else until after my scan. I have been feeling rather yucky the last few days (am now 6+6), which gets worse as the day goes on, so dinner time is something of a challenge. Thankfully not been sick. If I can force some food down I do feel a bit better, but it's getting difficult to know what I fancy to eat. My saviour at the mo are milky lollies - can't have one at work though!! Been feeling pretty pooped too, not surprising with a 20mth old little girl to look after! Luckily she naps for 2hrs after lunch so I have been getting an hours sleep too on my non-work days.

    Otherwise I don't really have any symptons, just a few cramps every now and again. These seem worse when I have been picking little one up.

    Nice to hear how everyone is getting on. xx

  • Hi MrsT04 I'm 5+1 so wondering if morning might suddenly kick in once I hit the 6 week mark. I only work with two other people who are both in their 60s (one is my boss) so really don't want either of them finding out. As my boss is not the nicest and other other woman is his best friend so I'm in a no-win situation! It must be hard for you with a 20 month old too. I'm having naps on my days off too image x

  • Could you add me? I'm 25th Jan x

  • Welcome Phoenix congratulations!!! x
  • Could you add me please the 27th jan x
  • Please could you add me? I think due date is 29th jan. thanks x
  • Hello everyone! I'm tiptoeing in as I got my bfp this morning. It's very early still, and only got a faint +, but I guess that as I've done 4 tests now and the lines seem to be getting stronger each time I should accept that I am pregnant! I'm going to confirm it with a cbd on Tues when af is due. All being well, my due date is also 29th Jan! Looks like we're bump buddies, baby-bear!

    Has anyone else got any other children already? This will be our #3. I have two boys aged 3 and 1, so if all goes well, we've decided we're just gonna accept we're having another boy! Not that we really mind either way! image

    Looking forward to getting to know you all. Nice to see a few familiar names! image x
  • Welcome to all ladies and baby beans!! Can't believe how busy this thread is now with all the BFP'S!!

    Caz X

  • Sorry I pressed the wrong number on the iPad keyboard, edd at the mo is 20th jan (tbc). Congrats Sah83 x
  • Congratulations sah83 and baby_bear!

    Baby_bear are u joining the Facebook group? B nice to see uimage x
  • Congratulations Baby bear and Sah83image Happy and healthy nine months xxxx

  • Hi can you add me im due 20th Jan (could change at my scan) many thanks and congrats to all of the others mummys to be on here

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