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Due Dates!!



  • ooo same edd as my heidi - congrats hun. thanks for all the messages x

  • no probs baby-bear im dreading it already, the heat today made me les miserebles lol..xx

  • Yeah I wasn't coping too well in the heat either, was gld to be in an air conditioned office. Lol. Been needing to wee a lot n feeling really thirsty too. X
  • imageme to hun, on the up side im drinking so much fluid im hoping it makes my skin elasticy so ill keep stretch marks at bay lol also gone made on fizzy sweets.....I went and got my boobs measured yesterday and it got me a bit down that ive always had a b cup bra and already a DD.......keep cool, plenty of fluids and chill babe xx

  • I just got home from work, too hot, decided to go in the bath. My bra has left maks on me so think its time I got measured too, where did you go? Did you get maternity bras or just normal ones but bigger?image x
  • hi january ladies can i join you ? this will be my 3rd baby, according to my last period ( 15th april ) i'll be due on the 20th too but i havnt had it confirmed yet thats just me working it out i've had a few probs i went docs to tell them i was preggers last tuesday and they sent me up a&e for suspected ectopic due to one sided pain quite strong, so after having bloods done and examined etc in a&e i was refered to the early pregnancy unit and had repeat bloods 48 hours later my levels hadnt doubled but had risen so had a scan on friday and only a gestation sac could be seen so more bloods and a second scan on friday morning so fingers crossed all will be well , congratulations to u all image)))

  • Please add me!! I'm due 22nd Jan..image

  • Please add me mine is 5th jan thanks
  • Please add me im due 2nd jan. congrats to everyone image x

  • Can you amend my edd to 15th January please?

    Thanks x

  • Just got a + today so my EDD at the moment is 26/04/2013

    Congrats everyone image
  • Can you add me please, 2nd Janimage

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