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First midwife appointment



  • Thanks jollyjoey it's nice to know that it's not my hormones and she was rude. Like u said she could have said its procedure not to see the midwife until x amount of weeks. She's got me a bit worried but trying to push it to the back of my mind x
  • Reading all your posts about appointments and scans makes me even more excited, I have had to do a self referal form to the hospital i am wanting to give birth at and they will get in contact with me to organise appointments and scans i just cant wait now to have someone officialy tell me im pregnant lol 

  • Midwife rang me today, my booking in appt is on the 23rd May image xx
  • Loopy that is so rude! I get that they see it all day everyday but they could at least be tactful. with my last preag the specialist i was seeing was a bit non caring when i rang and said i was bleeding. he just said unless im full on heamarroging(sp?) then go to emergency otherwise see him next week. no help or reassurence.

    Im in Asutralia and it's a little different here. I went to doctors and had bloods to confirm preg and test all vitamins. that's come through and my doctors given me a referral to have a scan whenever i choose to book it in, but she has suggested just under two weeks time when i'll be 6+2, but my acupunturist reccomended I wait until the next week cuz the heartbeat starts sometime during the 6th and i dont want to have to keep going back as our medical government rebate thingy only covers about half of the $140 i pay for it, so i really cant afford to be going back and forward all of the time. so im thinking of booking it for 6+6, hopefully its there by then!

    then after that my doctor will refer me to our public midwife system and hopefully there on in it will all be covered (so im not out of pocket)

  • Thanks MrsLennon good luck with your scan.

    How long would you leave ladies to book a midwifes appointment? When is it recommended to have the first one? B***er the Dr x

  • What a horrible woman!! I'd be tempted to contact the practice manager to make a complaint!!

    I have my appointment for the 1st June! x

  • Banbina_Mia my Mum said the same when I told her. Just glad I haven't got to see her again and I'll be referred to the midwife when I ring in a couple of weeks.

    Yay 1st June wishing you lots of luck.

    Ladies on average how many weeks should you be when you have your first midwife appointment? x

  • Is it not around 7to 8weeks? X
  • Loopy I dont think you're being over sensitive at all, either! I had a sort of similar thing the other day.  I am being treated by a consultant in a hospital, but wasnt sure if I should also let the GP know I'm pregnant too, so I just gave them a ring to ask.  He made me feel a bit silly about ringing, and said things about being very early, but that is definitely not reassuring and what we want to hear when we have just got our BFPs.  As I have had 4 early miscarriages previous to this, I think the first few weeks are the hardest to get through, for fear of it happening again.  I just wish there was more they could do - even if its just trying to be reassuring! Hope you are feeling okay now though?xxx

  • Hi, I have recently found out that im having a baby.  i have been given a midwife 1st booking appointment on the 19th sept. does anyone know what happens in this first appointment?

  • Hi Ricky, congratulationsimage At the first appt midwife will ask you about yours and your family's health history, your and your partner's habits like drinking and smoking, take your blood pressure, weight, height, ask about previous pregnancies (if any), advise about what foods and drinks to avoid, advise about screening tests and possibly book your dating scan for you. That's what my wf did, anyway, I might have forgotten something, this was long ago lol Good luckimage

  • thank you for this information ... just one more question ... will the dating scan happen with the midwife or will i have to go into a hospital for it?

  • You'll go to the hospital for the scan. Oh, and btw, the midwife will ask you for your initial choice of hospital in which you want to have your baby (out of those in your area). x

  • thank you Jolly Joey .. im so so so scared .... im only 6 weeks and i wish it was over already.  thank you for your help.

  • Don't worry, talk about your fears with the midwife, she'll help you. It's my first pregnancy now, I was scared most of the time at the beginning, but also very excited. Now it's just amazing to feel the baby move inside me, although I'm still worried about many things, it's just a part of becoming a mummyimage You'll surely come to enjoying your pregnancyimage xx

    Oh, and have a look at other threads on the forum, there're lots of ladies who will support you

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