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Where are we all from?

Hi ladies!

Thought i would start off a fun thread, am wondering where we are all from, what we do,am looking forward to getting to 'know' you all properly over the next 8/9 months and beyond! image

So here goes....

My name is: Caz

I am: 27

I live in: Manchester

I live with: My DH (been married for 5 years-together for nearly 10) and my DS who is 3 years, also our 2 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs image

I work as:  Nursery Nurse!

TTC for: 1st Baby-took us 8 weeks to concieve having been on the pill 6 years, 2nd Baby-took us 8 weeks again,having been on the pill 3 years from having DS.

Look forward to hearing from you xxx


  • Hello! Good idea - here goes my info:-

    My name is: Helen

    I am: 37

    I live in: Shropshire

    I live with: My DH and my DD who is 20mths old this week + 2 mad dogs!

    I work for:  a PR agency

    TTC for: 3mths!

  • Here I go:

    Name: Jo

    I am: 28

    I live in: Cumbria

    I live with: my hubby (married for almost a year, together for almost 7)

    I work as: care coordinator in a care home!

    TTC for: just under a month;p


  • Name: Sooz

    I am 37

    I live in Surrey

    I live with my husband (married 11 years, together 16) and my daughter who is 3 in August

    I am a civil servant

    TTC for 1 month with this one.  Daughter took 11 months.


  • Name: Corinne

    Age: 20

    I live: near Loughbrough

    I Live with:  My partner

    TTC: I had my implant taken out and concieved a month later image

    Expecting: A baby boy 11th september


  • Name - Vicky

    I am 33

    I live in South Northamptonshire

    I live with My Hubby , 2 step children and 2 of our own, a Labrador and 2 guinea pigs!

    I work as a Full time mum, housekeeper, dog walker, taxi driver etc.................image

    TTC - 1month

  • Name - Kelly

    I am 29 (30 in aug)

    Live in Leicestershire

    Live with my hubby of 2 yrs and my gorgeous little man ben.

    Work as a maternity care assistant but currently on mat leave.

    TTC - 4 months with Ben after 9 yrs on the pill. 2 months with my little bean after no contraception.


  • Name: Jo I am 27 Live in : London Live with hubby (married almost 2 years) been together 11 TTC 16 months after being on the pill for 8-9 years. 2nd BFP, m/c Jan 2012 xxx
  • Hi ladies, I'm Sam, 28, I'm from a little seaside town in the North East. Have 2 beautiful children already, dd 13 at the end of the month and ds was 2 in April just gone. Been with my oh forever! This was month 4 of ttc image. I work in a secondary school xx
  • Hello,

    My name is: Joanna

     I am: 29 (30 in Jan - baby will be my 30th Birthday present image )

     I live in: Stirling

     I live with: Partner of 6 years and two year old DD

     I work for:  Autism Charity

     TTC for: I had my implant out in September, but not really TTC


  • Hi Girls hope you dont mind me joing you to.

    Name - Charlotte

    I live - Rochester Kent

    I live with Husband and 2 kids at the moment married 15 yrs this year and kids are 9 and 10 yrs.

    Work for - Virgin Holidays

    Been trying now for 10 months just found out yesterday pregnant with 3rd image

    Hope to be talking to you all over the next 9 months. xx

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Helen

    I live near Bristol with my husband, we will have been married 3 years in August, but been together for 6.

    I work with people with learning difficulties.

    We have been TTC for 2 years for our first, but suffered 4 early miscarriages.  fingers crossed we will be lucky this time xx

  • Congratulations Charlotte and welcomeimage xx

  • Hi everyone My name is Jane 41 young 41 lol Live in Suffolk Married to David have a 11 yr old who took me 8 years to fall after alot of upsets Am trying for a second wish you all well in yr journeys in the following mths x
  • My name is: Ashleigh

    I am: 24

    I live in: Australia

    I live with: My DH

    I work as:  Selling Jewellery - not nearly as glam as it sounds, the stress and pressure is crazy and have been looking for a new job since the new year but no luck image now i'm feeling a little trapped

    TTC for: been on pill for 5 or 6 years to treat (read:ignore) pcos. ttc since April 2011 concieved in Oct/Nov but mmc at 8w4d in Dec (though I was almost 12)

    Love and luck to you all!

  • Name: Heidi-lee Age: 25 Live: Glasgow with my bf and two baby's Heidi 21/2 and Zander 15 months. Work: full time mum Ttc: was total shock but happy one image
  • Name - Lynsey

    I am 30

    Live in South Wales

    Live with my hubby of nearly 4 years although we've been together about 15!!

    I work as a Marketing Manager.

    TTC - We'd been TTC for nearly 2 years and was referred to the NHS IVF clinic but the waiting list was so long we went to a private fertility clinic and got our BFP on our 1st IUI still can't believe it! x

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