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Really hope this is it

Hey girls! Firstly congratulations for all your BFPs - what an amazing feeling!!

I am very nervous about writing here as don't want to 'jinx' anything.  On Fri 27th April I got my BFP, but the reason I am very cautious is that this is the 5th time I have fallen pregnant in the 2 years we have been trying, but the last 4 have ended in miscarriage image

I am being seen by a consultant and have already had 3 blood tests last week to check my hcg and progesterone.  The hcg levels were good and going up, but the progesterone went from 69 to 62 then 45, so they prescribed suppositories.

I have been booked in for an early scan on 31st may to check progress.

Hopefully we can all have very happy and healthy pregnancies! I think I would be due about January 6th!xx 


  • firstly congrats. sending u loads of stcky dust that this is ur time xxx

  • Thanks hun!xxx

  • congratulations on your pregnancy! So sorry for your losses, hopefully the progesterone suppositories will do the trick and you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy image

    sending you lots of sticky baby dust and looking forward to chatting over the coming months xx

  • Fingers crossed for your scan hun. I really hope we get to share this next nine months and beyond together x
  • Congratulations and sending lots of sticky sticky baby dust.  Take care and looking forward to catch ups XX

  • Hello Bellehelene and welcomeimage Congratulations on your BFP, keeping everything crossed this is a brave sticky beanimagexxxx

  • Congratulations  - wishng you lots of sticky baby dust!

    Wanted to add - a friend of mine had nearly the same of experience as you 4 miscarriages and now she has just had her second! image


  • Aww thanks everyone! what a lovely bunch image so excited I can talk to people about it - going to try and keep it quiet as poss til the 12 week scan - seems ages away doesn't it?!xxx

  • Ahh congratluations hun here's to a sticky bean this time round, sorry for your loss before i am preying this time for you. Keep us informed how you get on.. xxxx

  • Welcome and congratulations. Really hope it all works out for your this time. xx

  • Hey hun I know we chatted a little on recurrent mc site....just wanted to say massive congratulations on BFP and really hope this is the one for you. I had three miscarriages and I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant image I was under consultant a Liverpool and had HCG injections twice a week and everything is going great so far.... Good luck and I hope everything is great this time x x
  • Oh yay!! thats fab 3054! thanks for replying! So glad you're doing well hun. Cant believe its 17 weeks already since you said about your bfp!! Hope to be able to keep chatting with you and see how you're getting on xxx

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