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Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be joining you! Got bfp about a week ago but wanted to wait till bloodtest confirmed which I got today (HCG 125 @13dpo for those wanting compare).

This is my second preg, but first child. First was due July 11, mmc in Dec. Sounds a little crazy maybe but I really feel like my angel baby (and all of my other gardian angels) helped this one happen. Overall, I feel better about this preg, that it is my turn and there is no reason anything should go wrong, but there is still that niggly feeling of the possibility of mc. Last time I was worried about jinxing myself so did join the DIJ forum until after my second scan I think, and I didn't really buy anyhting (one pair of booties only) and i refused to talk of names with DH until after all clear at 12wk scan. Well that didn't go so well so this time I'm being super careful with my health and what I'm doing physically, but I'm not worrying about that other stuff because it didn't make one iota of difference. Plus this time I am hopeing to continue with the acupuncture that I started last week. Hopefully that combined with my determination and angel baby watching over will result in a healthy and safe late Christmas present!

Looking forward to gettin to know you all!



  • Welcome MrsLennon - congratulations and keeping everything crossed for a happy and healthy nine months for you xx

  • Welcome to the group hunni. Really got everything crossed all goes well for u this time round. Xxx
  • MrsLennon so great to see you here on DIJimage Congratulations againimage I hope that before you can say 'babydust', your first and second scans will be over, and your little bean will be a tiny baby, waiting for Christmas (or just after) to make your family completeimage xx

  • Welcome to the forum and congratulations on BFP.  It is a great late Christmas present XXX

  • Welcome to DIJ mrslennon! Congratulations on your BFP!! Fantastic news imageX.

  • Hi I'm 5 weeks an also didn't join last year as mc at 10 weeks but really exited and scared at same time looking forwards to chatting to you all good look all x
  • Hi Nikki - congrats and welcome to our lovely little group!! x

  • Thanks lookin forword to chating to you all x
  • Afternoon ladies

    Hi mrs Lennon congratluations to you heres to a happy healthy nine months and lots of chatting lol

    Hi Nikki welcome to you to i look forward to getting to know everyone over the next  months image xxxx

  • hey mrslennon! Congratulations! I'm feeling just like you are - more positive this time, but still apprehensive - I never wrote in the 'Due in..' sections before, so this is a big step for me too! xxx

  • How is every one feeling to day x
  • How far do you have to be befor you can see babys heart beat x
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