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Hi! Got my bfp last Thursday and this will be my second. I was in the due in Sept group back in 2010 but my little monkey was actually born in October so there will be a 27 month gap between my two! Here's to a healthy 9 months! A x


  • Hi Squarepineapple welcome and congratulations on your bfp i also got mine the same day how exciting. So when is your due going to be.  Heres to happy nine months xx

  • Congratulations Squarepineappleimage Here's to happy and healthy nine monthsimage Welcome to our little groupimage xx

  • Congrats Squarepineapple - I was in the DIS10 group too - have to admit I don't remember your name though, v sorry! My DD was born Sept 4, so she's just turned 20mths. Welcome to this group x

  • Yeah I didn't really post much on here but still in regular contact with the group on Facebook which is lovely. Another of the group is due in Dec. She might be on here in that group! Thanks for the messages! X
  • Many congratulations and wishing a Happy and Healthy 9 months.  This will also be my second but my DD is turning 3 in August. Talk soon xx

  • Welcome squarepineapple! And congratulations for your BFP! I have a 3 year old son so this will be my 2nd too. Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months! image X.

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