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I don't believe this :(

It's happening again, started bleeding this evening. looking like my 3rd miscarriage this year image going to phone epu in the morning but it's following the same pattern as the previous 2 so really just need them to tell me the worst so I can go to a doctor and see if there's a cause. 

so, looks like I'm leaving you lovely ladies. Will let you know how I get on, wishing you all the best for the coming months xxx



  • Oh no, KittleLitten, I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you're going through, but don't lose hope! Bleeding doesn't need to mean mc, I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your little bean will fight through this.. Thinking of you xxx

  • I'm so sorry kittenlitten I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you I can't imagain what you must be feeling right now. Sending you a big hug Hun xxxxx
  • Keeping everything crossed good luck xxx
  • oh no hunni image fingers crossed all is ok for u xxx

  • kittle i'm so sorry to hear sorry to hear this hun , you were in due in September with me. didn't realise you feel pregnant again as you said you would pop on from time to time but never saw any of your posts. reall hope this is just a faux alarm. xxx
  • Sorry to hear this - I hope it is just a small bleed and everything is fine Best wishes xx
  • I've got everything crossed for you Kittlelitten. I've had a few friends who had heavy bleeds in the beginning and went on to have healthy babies, so please do not give up hope yet as it doesn't always mean the worse. I hope that medical staff can give you some answers or reassurance. X
  • Got everything crossed for you chick xxx

  • Hi, thanks ladies. Just got back from epu, they've taken bloods and if my hcg is high enough they'll call me this afternoon to go for a scan, otherwise more bloods in a couple of days to see if hcg is going up or down. The bleeding has calmed down a bit, I'm clinging to a glimmer of hope that things might be OK, but trying not to get too excited.

    Gift I'm really sorry I didn't write in the DIS forum, I popped in a couple of times but it was really hard as I kept thinking 'I should be doing that now' and I couldn't bring myself to write anything. I had another m/c since then as well, but very early only got to 5 weeks and didn't even make it to a due in forum! Fingers crossed this is 3rd time lucky, hope all well with you xxx

  • Got everything crossed for you and sending hugs.  Hope the bleeding stays away and try and take it easy xx

  • Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi hun, i am keeping everything crossed for you and really do hope you are ok. Hope the bleeding stays away and like the other girls say try and take it easy!! Sending lots of hugs XXX

  • I'm so sorry to hear this hun ... if it makes you feel any better I've had two friends who bled through their whole first trimester on and off and they both have happy healthy babies now. Fc for you x
  • Oh I'm so sorry you are going through this Kittle Litten.  Sounds so familiar to what has happened to me.  Really hope everything is okay. Have you been diagnosed with anything prior to this? I have been told I have PCOS, which I think is the cause of my 4 miscarriages, but hopefully you'll be okay and I am willing your hcg levels stay up.  Lots of love xxx

  • Well I was back up at epu this morning as the bleeding and cramping got a lot worse last night, they scanned my and confirmed I have had another miscarriage. So it's goodbye from me.

    Bellehelene no I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but am now being referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic. Don't know if they'll find any answers or if it's just one of those things.

    Good luck to everyone for the rest of your pregnancies, and enjoy your new arrivals when they come!! It's been lovely chatting to you for this (short!) time


  • So sorry that this keeps happening to you. I hope that they can find you some answers. Big hugs. Take care. x

  • Oh kittlelitten!!! So sorry and sad to hear this! I hope you have a super sticky bean soon and we will see u on another DI forum shortly! Thinking of you at this difficult time. Jojo xxx
  • So so sorry to read this. Sending u big hugs xxx fingers crossed for a sticky bfp for u soon xxxxxxx
  • I'm so sorry hun, I really am.  I hope they find out what could be causing it.  I was very surprised when they told me I had PCO as hadnt got many symptoms, and surprised they did not pick it up earlier. I am taking metformin and progesterone suppositories, just in case you wanted to ask about them. Big hugs, and lots of love xxxx

  • I'm so sorry kittle litten image sendings you lots of hugs and good luck for the future xx
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