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Team blue, pink or yellow?

Are you having a boy, a girl, or staying in team yellow? image


  • We'll be staying team yellow, as we did first time round!! x

  • Blue! 19+2!


  • Team yellow!
  • Team Pink!! Confirmed by gender scan at 17+3 xxx
  • Team Pink !!  Had gender scan on 17th at 19+1 wks  image

  • Team pink for us!image xx

  • Thats great, a little girl!!!any names yet? (Is it strange that I want to address you as JJ?)

  • Hi, JJ's fine, lolimage It's going to be Sophieimage Hubby wants second name to be Rita, after his beloved grandma, I have mixed feelings about how the two sound together haha

    How about your little boy, Laurelladie?

    Any other names, ladies? xxx

  • Just found out today that we are having a blue bundle.  Am in shock as everyone was convinced it was pink.  Very excited. Want to go and buy things!!!

  • We're staying team yellow although I'm convinced I'm having a little girl although I don;t mind what we have as its our first x

  • Hello JJ, Sophie is lovely, and I can understand how you feel about Rita, family obligations and all that, I think it depends on your last name, my married name is whalley, very unfortunate, so Oscar James Whalley (after husbands grandad) goes well i think! this post was a few weeks ago so would be interested to see if you have settled on a name yet!

    Friday bride, finding out i was having a boy left me inundated with so much, but couldn't not buy lots anyway! Just finishing the mural in the nursery,carpet on tuesday then putting all the furniture together!,very little of what we had to buy because my husbands sisiter is only 4 and the cot to the sterilizer was bagged up and saved for us!

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