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Not been here for a while....

Hi ladies. Sorry not been here for a while, a lot are over on facebook as am I, but so nice to log in again and see new faces as well as old ones... image Hope everyone has been well. I'm 19 weeks now and got my 20 week scan this can't wait. I've also had a gender scan which said 210% pink so will be double checking on wed! Lol. Been feeling movement since 15 weeks which is lovely. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well xxx


  • Owensmummy, you still here? xxx

  • Hey hun, yeah I come on here from time to time. Can't believe how much my ticker has changed. Lol xxx
  • Hello ladies, it's been ages since I've been on here too. Jollyjoey nice to see you as I think you were the lovely lady who started the symptom spotters anonymous thread?? I initially had edd of feb but 12 week scan said jan instead so coming over to join you guys. 20 week scan next week. Someone pointed to my bump for the first time yesterday and asked how many months- very exciting!

    Back to work this week so glad to join you ladies to keep boundaried talk about the Bean- not sure my work colleagues would want to natter as much about babies!

    Hope all is well!x
  • Hi Owensmummy, I remember setting up my ticker and thinking how long it will take before the baby icon reaches 20 weeks on it! It's gone so quicklyimage xxx

    Hello Chacha81, it's lovely to have you here, I remember you from TTC. Yes, I set the Symptom Spotters and it's nice to see people still go on there and there are new BFPsimage So when exactly is your due date now? As to work, I'm sure I'm boring everybody to death talking about my baby all the time lol xxx

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