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How are we all?

Well due in Jan is rather lonely, just wondering how everyone is? husband just finished the nursery and only have the cot left to buy, finish work 7th November and having 3 weeks annual leave before mat leave, couldn't come sooner!just want to meet him now, seems to take forever!


  • Hey it's very quiet eh?! I am ok just not ready one bit for the baby in 14 weeks!working until December 10th and have loads of work to do non house!ah well it will happen! X
  • Hello, its so quiet i want to join on facebook! all my plans have changed, been forced to start maternity leave from 31st October and my 3 weeks annual leave before that so no work for nearly 10 months as of yesterday, baby measuring 30 weeks instead of 28 and also been told yesterday I have gestational diabetes!nice to talk to you, very lonely to be doing this alone!

    Everything will fall into place, when you say things in the house do you mean decorating, if so, I know what you mean, nurserys ready but there is loads of bits to do, all costs money! take care

  • Laurelladie if you private message me your name and tell me what your Facebook profile pic is, I can get one of the admin girls to add you. The fb group is very busy x
  • how do I private message you?

  • Click on my name and it should come up with the option to private message x
  • unfortunately it doesn't, just tells me your neighbourhood, thanks for tryingimage

  • Ah that's a shame the fb group is really supportive x
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