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He arrived

Hello, just wanted to let you know had my baby boy on the 13 December by cesarian due to him being breech and getting very big on his 36 week scan! Well his a little dot and weighed 7.9 and is wearing tiny baby clothes! Could not be happier!


  • Ah congrats Hun, what a lovely early christmas present. What have you named him? X
  • Thank you Bear, we called him Oscar Tiberius Michael, my husband chose Tiberius! Michael is my dads name. You'll soon be having yours, how exciting!
  • Congratulations Laurelladie!image That's great news, I'm glad your baby son is doing so wellimage I can't wait for my little one to show up nowimage xx

    btw, tried to post this three times so far, hope it appears now!

  • Mrsb2008, jollyjoey and babybear have u had your babies yet xx
  • Hello mummy060409, I had my precious little girl on Jan 14th at 1:05. Our beautiful Sophia weighed 7lb10oz and came by vaginal delivery after a rather short, intense labour at 41+1 weeks. We love her to bits! How r u doing? xxx

  • Fab newd jollyjoey gorgrous name. Im 26 + 2 now xx
  • Sorry laurelladie , when i posted asking about the others i thought it was a new post but looks like i replied to yours , sorry xx
  • arr congratulations love

  • Hello JJ, congratulations, how are you getting on with Sophia? Are you breast feeding? Even at 5 weeks he still doesn't latch properly, oh the pain!and mummy060409 not to worry!
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