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ten month old sleep problems


Is anybody experiencing problems with their baby still unable to sleep through at 10 months? I am blaming this on breast feeding but I know that bottle fed babies have their sleep problems too. He is still a boob boy and although he feeds much less because he is on solids, he still likes comfort of the boob. 

I do a feed before bed at 7 and then like clockwork he wakes around 11 (so i feed him), then in the wee hours of 2 (we ignore him and after 5 mins crying he goes back to sleep) and then again at 4.30 when i feed him again. To be honest at 4.30 I dont have the will power for controlled crying.

Naps are also a massive issue. He will cry for a good 25-30mins at nap time even though clearly tired. 

Just wondering if we are not the only ones??



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