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Due in July Facebook page

Hi, has anyone set up a private due in July Facebook page yet? If not, shall we set one up?


  • I'm up for that and can set one up if you like? Xx
  • Hello ladies, GC here from DIA.

    We just set up a due in Aug and September page... we could make it Due in July/Aug/Sept and join together if you wanted?

    Just an idea? x
  • I'm up for a facebook page too! A July/Aug/ Sept one could be fun so there are more of us? I'm happy either way.x.
  • Sounds like a great idea. Just one question though, my own Facebook page is as private as I can get it (I teach & don't want pupils being able to see everything!), so would this one be private too?

  • Yes it is a secret group so nobody but the other members can see the group and posts etc. Made sure of this by logging into my husbands facebook and making sure he couldn't see anything about group (not that i dont want him seeing but hes the only other person whose facebook password i know hehe).. nothing, no notifications etc are visible to anybody but members of the group.

    If you'd like to join pm me with your facebook name and what your profile pic is so i can find you and then ill have to add you as a friend before i an invite you to group.

    My name begins with S and profile pic is of my doggy in the snow. xxx
  • Flamingobabyuk - thank yoy sounds like a good idea. I just wonder if its a good idea to have a due in July page too. What do others think? Jenjen - would u be happy to set up a due in July page? I haven't a clue how to do it.
  • I've joined flamingo's fb group but if you want me to I can set up a due in July one too? I don't mind.

    Jen xx
  • Afew people have started joining so feel free to message me your details and ill add anybody interested. x
  • flamingobaby, can you request me again please, i deleted the friend request before engaging my baby brain!!! thank you! x
  • Hi

    Can you please add me, my name is Deborah Anderson on fb and profile pic is me and hubby on our wedding day.

    thanks so much

  • Hi danderson, I'm trying to find you on fb to add you to our group!! Is your pic you and hubs on wedding strapless dress dark hair and orange flowers hubs is kissing your cheek!?

    Jen xx
  • yes thats the one

    thanks again image
  • flamingobaby - I sent you a message with my details so you could add me - did you get it?.x.
  • Trixie - i sent you a message back.. cant seem to find you, have left my details on the message so if you can find me i can add u that way x
  • Did you get my message image
  • Hi eteam. Yes I got ur message x
  • Hi eteam. Yes I got ur message x

    Oh hun... I meant i have messaged someone about the other group... the one with more due in's :P

    hehe image

    E x
  • Please can you add me Andy N Natalie Smith pic is our wedding pic.Due on 19th July xx
  • Hi ladies. I will pass your requests onto the Facebook page. Not sure how to add myself so will ask on there. Hope to see you both over there soon. Xx
  • Hi,

    Can you add me - Fiona Bennett - pic of me (navy dress /coloured jacket) and hubby (grey suit purple shirt/tie)!

    I am really private so hope you can find me image

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