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Just ordered double pram

Just ordered our double pram. Very excited as I thought I was going to have to get it second hand as we already have the

Mamas and papas sola but my lovely mum and dad have just bought us a brand new one image


  • Which one did you go for? Were looking at the iCandy peach blossom or phil and teds promenade. Both pretty pricy but hopefully we can get a good price for our bugaboo still.
  • Hi ladies, just wondered what will be the age gap between between your toddler and newborn?

    My little boy will be 26 months when the new baby arrives and hubby and I don't know whether we should invest in a double pram or not?

    Thanks, NTT xx
  • Hi what did you get? My dd will be 25 months when my lo comes & I still want her strapped down! We ordered a Bugaboo Donkey. 15% off all Bugaboo things in my local baby shop which is great! Can't wait for it to come so I can use it as single with my dd & sell my daughters buggy! X
  • Sorry for the delayed reply. We ended up getting the baby jogger mini double. It's a side by side. Originally I actually thought I was going to get the iCandy peach blossom or the baby jogger city select but the iCandy seats are to small and the city select was so awkward and heavy even without any babies in it. Didn't think a side by side would fit in boot along with our dog but in fact the dog will have more room than with our mamas and papas sola. The only down side to the pram we have got is that we can not attach the car seat to it.

    Owen will be 15 months when the new baby arrives.
  • My double pram arrived today. Have set it up and made Owen sit in it - much to his disgust. Tried wheeling it through parents living room door but to big - not a good start . It says it fits through most standard doors - hopefully it will fit through shop door ways. I still love it though. Have decided to keep the sola and maclaren as well so that if I just have one of them I can just take single pram. Think I need that extension soon to keep all these prams somewhere. Haven't told my hubbie that I am gonna also buy a 2nd hand 3 wheeler double for walking the dog. It will just appear one day lol image
  • Our DD will be 23/24 months when the new baby comes so I think we'll need a double for at least 6 months to a year. That's why I really want one that is a good single too like the candy peach. They are bringing the iCandy peach 2 out soon and it has bigger seats and gas solved a lot of issues with the old model so fingers crossed we can get one by July.

    I so quite like the phil and teds promenade which is new out. Decisions, decisions! We are going to sell our bugaboo bee and keep our quinny zapp as a spare single as it's so small and light
  • Hi I need some help, really cant decide on a twin pram. DD will be 13 months when baby is born. Does anyone have the phil and teds promnard? I have ordered it but now not sure if I want a side by side like the bugaboo donkey. What is space like on a tandem pushchair and do you have any storage space?
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