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To 3D or not to 3D???

Hi ladies,

First of all I have had to change my screen name from BennettB2B!

I am now 27+5 days and was considering having a 3D/4D scan but still deliberating whether to or not! Have any of you booked scans already or still considering??

I was thinking maybe for 30 - 32 weeks!

Hope everyone is well - I havent managed to get on here for a while! Isnt time flying by really quickly..I only have 38 working days left!!!!!



  • We had one at 16 weeks and it was great. Would really love another but worried we will see the sex as we really want a surprise. Xx
  • I'd defo recommend it! We had 1 at the wkend & it was amazing. It was an extra bonding session plus pics r fantastic! I was 27 wks & pics were so clear. They keep head end if u don't want 2 know the sex image
  • Thanks cp781, hubby is a bit worried incase we can tell what it is but I thought they would be careful not to let you see down below lol!!

    Think I am definately going to book for a few weeks time cant wait to see baby again image


  • We are having one tomorrow!! I will be 28weeks soooo excited image xx
  • I would really like one but am worried that by seeing him / her we'd just know from looking if a boy or girl and we really want to stay in team yellow but i'd also like a scan. Be interested to hear if anyone could just tell the gender from seeing the baby


  • We aren't going to have one....we are happy to wait to see our baby when it arrives in July! Some friends have had them, and found it really comforting to see the baby again!

    We are in team yellow, and would rather have the surprise of seeing our baby again when it is born!

  • I had our done last week at 28 weeks and it was AMAZING image Meet our gorgeous baby image still team yellow!

  • Aww JenJen your pic is trying to hold off until next week to book (30 weeks) but im getting a bit impatient!!


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