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Has anyone got their nursery sorted yet? I'm desperate to get ours done but need to clear out spare room first. Xx


  • We've started clearing out the study which will be the new nursery. Wont start decorating though until early June when we get back from hols.
  • Ours is done... just need a baby now! image


  • Ours is done too, I pop in there every night before bed for a look image!!!

    I think im way too organised to be honest, wont have anything to do to keep me occupied for the first few weeks of holiday/mat leave!


  • Mine is half done! All decorated, just waiting for furniture to arrive! Soo exciting! xx

  • I'm starting to panic a bit now. I know we still have time but feel like its going by so fast. Really need to get a move on. We have everything ordered and room is staying neutral colour but need to shift out furniture and put up borders, curtains etc. baby will be in with us for a while so I really shouldn't be stressing but I just want it all done. Xx
  • We're putting both girls together in our largest spare room so we have just moved DD in and made it all pink and girly. I'm just waiting for her new bed to be delivered but she can stay in her cot for a while as the baby will be in our room in the Moses basket for a while. I feel better now it's all done and I have just packed my hospital bag too so feel a bit calmer and more organised too. DD1 came at 38 weeks so be prepared ladies!!!
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