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Eating Less?

Hello Ladies,

Has anybody found that they can't eat as much now that baby is getting bigger? I literally cannot eat a sandwich at lunchtime or i feel bloated all afternoon and can't eat dinner at night.

I am having to eat fruit for lunch just so i can have a dinner at night with DH.

G x


  • I was like that for a while but over past few days my appetite has increased. Thinking bubs may be having a growth spurt. Xx
  • I thought that i should be eating slightly more now and am worried that i'm not giving baby enough but it just feels like i have no room left for food!! xx

  • wish i had this problem! haha. I remember it from last time, dont think i've reached this stage yet though.x

  • Hi,

    I hadnt really noticed this until reading this post but I feel I am getting fuller much quicker than normal, there are days where I dont feel like having big dinner or get bloated quite quickly! I am trying to really watch what I am eating now Im into 3rd trimester and have gained around 20lbs! xx

  • I can't eat big meals either and only eat about my evening meal though I think this baby is lying low and transverse so I don't feel as full as last time. I hope she moves at some point or she'll be coming out of the sun roof!
  • Meant to say of eat half of my evening meal ( baby brain and iPhone predictive text us a bad combo!)
  • my baby is breech, so theoretically, should be eating less by now! I am damn uncomfortable though with a head wedged under my ribs. We might be a sunroof job aswell image

  • I wish I felt full, I am constantly hungry at the moment??? I am due towards to back end of july so maybe behind you all a few weeks??? wish  I did feel hungry easily as I just could eat all day if I let myself! lol image


  • I wish i could eat more as i am worried that me and bean aren't getting enough calories.I feel ok though, not weak or anything so i guess we must be getting what we need.

    G xx

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