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Horrid Dream


I had a totally horrid dream last night that our baby was born now and had a heart condition. I was left alone in the hospital for days without anyone coming to see me or tell me what was going on. It really freaked me out.

However baby gave me the biggest kick this morning that took my breathe a little and I truly believe was telling me all was okay! lol image

Pregnancy dreams are horrid arent they! sigh...

How are you all doing this week?



  • Hiya,

    I too have had some crazy dreams!! Do you have many baby dreams...I mostly have dreams that I have a girl (only once a boy)! Hubby dreamt the other night that baby was walking and talking after 1 week!

    Im good, getting a bit impatient just want baby to be here as we are so organised!


  • Hiya,

    I dont know what we are having, I think a boy (no idea why) but my dreams about baby are always a girl??? no idea if that means anything??

    Glad its just not me and the odd dreams.

    My dreams in general have been more vivid but not too many about baby until the last few weeks... all very odd.

    Im also feeling impatient now... I want baby to be healthy etc and enjoy the last 10 weeks of growing in mummy but ive also had enough and want to meet the little one now!


  • ive had a few baby dreams, my baby is always a girl in dreams. Last one i had, i coiuldnt find the baby, was really panicking, and eventually found her down the back of the settee, where i had dropped her head first! It was horrid too! lol

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