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Hello DIJ Ladies!

Has anybody had any cravings yet? I am quite disappointed that i haven't!!

I have been looking forward to sending DH out for random food/drinks!



  • me too! I was hoping for that craving of something random but my eating hasnt changed at all. I went off some stuff in the first trimester but since then ive neither craved or not wanted to eat anything, ive just always been hungry! lol image


  • Too many to mention over the months!  And once I go off them I can't stand them!  Just a few examples:

    BBQ pringles

    dolly mixture





    currently I'm eating a lot of malt loaf!

  • Not cravings as such, where you would kill to get that certain something. There have been things i've fancied for a while, then gone right off.

    Orange juice

    salt and vinegar chipsticks

    hot, salty chips

    indian takeaway curry

    No weird ones like soap or coal etc!!!

  • I am finally having cravings!! Yay!

    I cannot stop wanting sausages! We had 4 BBQ's in one week with just sausages on it, hubby is now sick of them!

    Also ice cubes, loads of my friends said they crunched on ice cubes and i thought that was disgusting, now i can't stop crunching them!!

    Hope you are all doing well? Not long to go now.....


  • I'm on tomatoes now.  I could happily eat pasta with butter and big vine tomatoes for dinner every night.  Healthier than some of the things I've craved though!  Trying to stop myself eating a brie and tomato baguette - and thats something I was obsessed with at the end of my last pregnancy too!

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