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Baby's position


I am a first time mum and i am 30 weeks now. Last week when i had the scan the doc told the baby is in sitting position and we might need to do a c-sec if the position is not changing.Did anybody have this problem?I want a normal delivery and not a c-sec.Please advise.


  • My first was breech until about 36 weeks!  I had a scan at 37 weeks which luckily showed she had turned - most do so at 30 weeks theres still plenty of time.  There are several things you can do that are supposed to encourage baby to turn like certain postions, moxibuxtion etc.  If you google turning breech baby you will find lots of info.  I did them all but whether it helped or she would have turned any way I will never know!

  • Salork,

    Firstly, there is still time for your baby to turn so don't panic just yet.

    I'm 33 weeks pregnant now with my second and my baby is breech and I have placenta previa (i.e. it is positioned over my cervix not leaving any way out or any space for baby to turn) so it is looking likely that I need a c-section.

    I have a scan at 36 weeks so that my consultant can decide what the best plan of action is. I had a natural birth with my first and although I'm worried about major surgery, I am quite happy to listen to the advice of the professionals to ensure that both baby and I are safe.

    The first time around, I had an idea of how I wanted the birth to go and in the end it never went to plan. It is important for your stress levels to realise that sometimes this is the case and you need to be ready to go with the flow.

    What is it that worries you about the possibilty of having a c-section?
  • my baby is also in the "frank breech" position at 32 weeks. It has been like this since 28 weeks. I am also worried about having c section as i have had 2 normal deliveries previously.

    I will be trying everything to turn it, including moxibustion and ECV. At the end of the day though will have to take a consultants advice at 36 weeks. ~i know how you feel x

  • Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to share good news on this as my bubs has been in the 'frank' breech position up until now, and then turned yesterday at 34+6! I was doing the knee to chest position twice a day for 10-15 mins and putting ice on the top of my bump twice a day for 15 mins too (as babies hate cold on their heads so it encourages them to turn). Was going to book for acupuncture and moxibustion this week but then bubs flipped all by him/herself. So, try the things that are suggested  on breech websites etc as it worked for me- also my dr said not to worry until 36 weeks as they have oom to turn until then. Good luck everyone that is still breech!.x.

  • thanks Trixie-  theres still hope for me then! i havent tried the ice yet, but will give it a go!


  • Hi, gc from June forum, my bump was breech until 36- 37 weeks then turned. Not sure exactly when it turned but I have my suspicions! I had one session of reflexology with hypnosis about 35 weeks which definitely helped as the morning after I felt some movement where I hadn't ever done before! I think it was about a week after that it turned which was confirmed on a scan at 37 weeks. I also tried to do the forward leaning each day for a min or so and relaxing at same time. See spinning babies website! I'm sure it will turn for you! One of the midwives at my unit who does reflexology etc said that it's probably the regular leaning forward to reach your big toe for moxibustion that makes it effective as opposed to the burning moxa itself!
  • my baby has turned! at 34 week mw appointment, it is now head down. i just hopr it stays like it!!!

  • Just a quick one from me, I had a 36 week growth scan today to check on my placenta (which was covering my cervix by 3 cm four weeks ago) and baby's position and somehow, my placenta is now 2cm clear of my cervix and baby is head down and engaged so we are all clear for going for a vaginal delivery.  So it goes to prove that even at this stage it's not too late.  Hope your babies behave and move to their correct positions v. soon.

  • I am 35+2 preg with 3rd child and my baby has been breech/transverse all the way through I have been offered ecv in next 2 weeks amd if they turn her successfully then I will be induced but if not I have opted for a natural breech delivery as baby is bum first the thought of a c section scares the life out of me but if needs be I will have one if deffo have to just want little one to hurry up feeling so drained these past few days got no motivation and could just sleep all day ha ha the joys
  • Good luck hun my baby was breech too they booked me in for ecv and said I could try a natural delivery if not successful even tho they don't recommend it, but then found out she was footling so said there was no way they would turn her and c-sec was inevitable. I was booked in for a week later. It wasn't as bad as I thought but unfortunately I got real poorly afterwards. I like u didn't want a c-sec I cried for days but now I have my lovely baby it was all worth it and even tho recovery has been really hard I'm well on the mend now and everything turned out ok eventually. Good luck hun x

  • Lh86 thanks for reply well they have refused me ecv due to low fluid and baby being quite small so I am booked in for the 7th of march for c-section which I am still dreading!! Can't shift the fear of it all. But I am hoping that she will turn before then as I have weekly ultrasounds. Sorry to hear your recovery not going to well but also glad you have your baby! I also have cried sue to needing a c-section even though it's hard doing it natural I'd still chose that way everytime. I'm just hoping all goes well for me I did request to be put to sleep just because I don't wanna have a panic attack on the table but they strongly recommended that I be awake but fingers crossed she will be head down by the day comes ha ha I am 36 wks exactly now
  • Stay strong chick u will b fine and baby still has room to turn, go on there's lots u can try to turn her. Definitely stay awake, one of the most strange but amazing things to hear that first cry when uve not even felt her come out and they peep her lil face over the screen. I was able to hold her straight away and breast feed 20 mins later and had her thurs lunch n was out sat night n that was with all my complications. U will b just fine I swear xxx

  • Thanks yeah I think I am coming to terms with it a bit ha ha I just know I will react different on the day I'm hoping I can hold her straight away but not too sure because they do think she is very small!!? I'm scared but excited at the same time if that makes sense I'm gonna see if mu midwife will be on that day and ask if she can be in the room as I feel quite relaxed and comfortable around her. 

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