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Presents for new mum

Message for any mums really. I am daddy of baby due 27th July. I'm trying to get some good ideas for a present, or presents for my girlfriend for after the baby is born. There's loads of things around but would like something a bit different. She has mentioned that she quite likes those bracelets with the baby fingerprints on but does anywhere know where best to go? Any good alternative ideas are particularly welcome.


  • Hi Ben,

    Bringing baby into the world is hard work & just about any new mum will always welcome a pampering treat (bath/shower goodies).

    Several jewellers now offer the 'treasured memories' copies of hand/foot prints into jewellery keepsakes, shop around for options/prices.

    Eternity rings are a common gift for a first baby.

    A locket to put baby's pic into.

  • That's so sweet. Is you baby here? What did you go for? Pandora do some nice baby-themed beads. Lu x
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