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Does anyone still come in here??

Hi ladies, how are we all doing? Just wondered if anyone still comes on this forum, or is everyone on FB?

I started mat leave this week (well I'm officially on holiday at present and maternity leave starts in 3 weeks). I'm just starting to tackle my "to do" list so everything is sorted before baby makes his/her grand entrance!!!

Hope everyone is well, NTT xxx


  • Hi NTT

    Yeah I still come in here from time to time but not many people are posting. Most if us are on the Facebook page I think. Good you've now finished work and feel you can get organised. What is your due date? Xx
  • Hiya,

    Sadly I dont really come on here as I am not on FB and it got quieter and quiter. I am another forum which is really busy and someone is always online.

    Baby and Bump 3rd tri

    If you arent on FB I would say join this forum as you get a response within minutes when you pots!

    Good luck to all you lovely ladies!!! wont be long now until we have our little ones!!!


  • Hi ladies, I'm not on FB so I guess il give Baby and Bump a go as it's soooo quiet in here. -Sheffield, are you under the same name in there? Hope to see you in there ;o)

    Katie11, due date is 28th but I wanted to finish a little earlier this time as i have a 2 year old who is keeping me busy!! How about you, when are you due?


    NTT xx

  • Hi NTT

    I'm due 19th July. Not far off now! Still working but only 2 days left and can't wait. You can join the facebook page and not go onto the main Facebook I think. It's a secret group so the only person who can see your posts are those in the group. There are about 40 of us and they are a great group of girls. Xx
  • You could still join. The support after the birth is going to be a life saver for me! Xx
  • Hi ladies, I still pop on here now and again. I'm not on FB either. I'm due on 29th July.

    Hope all is well xx
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