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july 08 babys (MFM)

well just thought i post here. cos i can lol
well i'm due 23rd july 08. but baby will be born a week before via c section, or sooner if i go in to labour? guess we'll see.
i have no idea what i'm having, this is my 3rd baby and i have a boy and girl already.


  • How exciting Kristy, I have a July 07 baby! Its a lovely time of year to have a baby. Those night feeds aren't so bad when you are arent getting up in the cold!! And all those summer parties in the garden!!

    How are you feeling now?
  • i'm really looking forward to a summer baby nicola, just being able to take the baby out for walks in the freash air rather than staying inside as it's snowing, raining, to cold etc (charlie and nicole are dec 04 and jan 07)
    i feel a bit better in my self tbh, happer, looking forward to being a mum again. but still feel over tired. keep trying for a early night but never get there in the end lol
  • I know tell me about it. Its the only time you get to yourself at night!! I loved having luka in the summer. Just putting him in the pram in his vest. I just found the whole experience way more relaxing. I expect that is something to do with it being your third. I had desperately wanted to breastfeed but it didn't work (again) but this time I just reasoned there were more important things to worry about and just got on with it. I had worried how I was going to cope with all three. But you just do, and its fine. I even enjoy it now!!!
  • Hi Kirsty

     My name is Julie and I am new on here.  Just wondering what you had another little by or girl?

     I was due 10 July but Ellie arrived 8 days late by emergency C Section as she was breech and no one knew!!! I went in to labour but very early stages when they realised at the hospital that Ellie was breech.

     I love the fact that we have a \july baby - her birthdays (hopefully) will always be outside in the nice sunshine - fingers crossed.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  • My youngest boy was born on the 15th july 08. It was a much better delivery than my eldest son. hope everything went ok with you x
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