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busy couple of weeks (long story)

Hi girls

Sorry i haven't been on much i've had a busy couple of weeks!!!!!!!!

Nicole is now 7 weeks 1 day old and is sleeping from 10.30pm until 7.30am for the passed 2/3 weeks. (how lucky are we)

Firstly nicole was born with her foot turned upwards against her leg, she must of been like that in my womb and we had to do physio on her foot evertime we changed her nappy so as to help her straighten out her foot herself. 4 weeks later we went into the physio dept for a check up to see if she was ok or if she had to go to dublin for an op to help her straighten it out.Thank god the physio we did worked and she was straighening out her foot herself imageimage so they said she was fine and it shouldn't cause her any probs in the future :\) :\) :\)

We got nicole christened on the 5th of september and we had an amazing day.
I designed her christening cake and went totally overboard :lol::lol: All my family helped out ie my dad finished our house as much as he could, my sisters/ mother cooked and bought food, my cousin and sister done up the tent, which was amazing, We had a huge marquie(?) and bouncing castle in our garden, we cooked our own food which we had toooo much of. the party lasted until 11 o clock at night ;\)
it was a brilliant day and she was sooooooo good but when we were in the church she started going to the toilet (grunting and pushing) the SMELL, and we were trying not to laugh but couldn't help ourselfs, it was really funny.:lol::lol::lol::lol: she slept the rest of the day.

But a week before her christening she started getting red spots/rash on her face and everyone was telling me "oh its only milk spots" then it stared spreading around her head just after her christening .She was due her 6 week check up that wednesday and when i took her in, the doc just looked at her and said she HAS AN ALLERGY TO MILK PROTEIN imageimageimage i couldn't believe it and when i left the doc i started crying about how bad a mother i was and how i should have trusted my own instints and brought her to the doc sooner :\( :\( :\( she is now on special milk that i can only get at the chemist!!!! since she has been on it her face has nearly cleared up completely but the smell of her nappies is rotton and runny too!!!!!!!!!
but anyway she weight her and was 10ib image and otherwise a very happy and healthy baby. the doc also booked her in for her first injections at the docs for 3 weeks time:\( to which i am NOT going to be in the room for as i can't see her in pain so her daddy is bringing her in for me.

She is a long baby and think i will have to put her in 3-6 months clothes soon image :roll: can't believe how quick she has grown.

Hows everyone keeping?
how are babies getting on?

Will try and load phots onto my facebook in the next couple of weeks to show you her christening day.

thanks for reading



  • Wow the christening sounds amazing hon xx try not to beat yourself up too much about the milk thing, this first time mum business is such a learning curve!!! it doesn't make you a bad mummy xx

    I know what you mean about the jabs Jack's first lot I went on my own as Daddy was at work but I made him come with me this time image I hate it, one more set to go and then that's it for a while thank god, don't think my nerves could take any more :lol:

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of your fab day hon xxx
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