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Hi girls

Hello girls,

Haven`t been on here for a while although I pop back every now and again! Its so lovely to see all of your beautiful pictures and here all your stories and seeing how all of the little darlings are developing so differently.

Toby is 11 months nearly, and makes me and hubby very very happy everyday. I have returned to work full time which I am finding pretty difficult but blessed that Toby is a good sleeper.

.....Anyway, I have some news. I have just found out I am pregnant again, so although very early days, I am hoping to join the due in feb 11 group. Was wandering if anybody else has already joined?!!

Lots of love to you all and hope you have wonderful 1st birthday celebrations. Would love to see the pics



  • Congratulations honey xxx

    We are trying again too so may be joining you soon xxx

    Good Luck xxxx
  • Aw congratulations that great news! Wishing you a h&h pregnancy!
    And good luck to you too Sazzle!
    My hubby wants us to try for baby number 5, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready just yet, we're looking at moving house so I think a baby on top of that would be too stressful! xxxx
  • Awww congrats huni hope you have a h&h 9 months !!We are hoping to be joining the due in march forum!! fingers crossed! image x
  • Thankyou girls,

    I hope it will be a similar pregnancy to last time as it was fairly symptom free so I think it is my turn to suffer a bit!

    Cazzywoo....OMG, I feel like I can`t cope with 1 let alone 4!! You are some sort of saint in my eyes because it just seems beyond imaginable!

    Mummy 2.5.....good luck and hope to see you in the 2011 forums at some point!


    Sazzle, best of luck with 'it'!! Must keep us up to date with the latest news
  • Haha after your second any more children you have dont make too much difference!!
    Just takes routine, I love having a big family image xx
  • hi everyone i aint been online in ages my lil man is 1 on the 10th of july and he is huge and happy baby my partner mentioned about us trying for another in a couple of months couple days later told me he diden want anymore kids and dont know if he is in love or wants be with me im so gutted as we lost 4 babys and finally made it with our lil vince and for him to be like this really hurts we are trying to work things through but he dont seem to be making much of an effort and im not too sure i can go my whole life never having anymore children image sorry for the dampning post. hope ur all well and luck with lil ones xx
  • yummum2be ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BIG CONGRATULATIONS far too exciting for words!

    Were you ttc? how long did it take - details details(I wont say anything on FB no worries) I am truely sooooo HAPPY for you!

    We are ttc in Nov again - imagine mat leave again together haha (I hope I fall quickly this time hehe)

    Speak soon

  • aww congratulations. here to a h&h 9months. x
  • I want to join the 2011 forum.. have alot of convincing on the otherhalves side! x
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