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Anyone dreading going back to work?

I know I have til the end of January which is still a good way away but I am dreading it! I had to call and arrange to visit the nursery where we want Jack to go today and it just hit me that I will not be at home full time with my little man! I do want to work and we need the money especially if we want another baby but I just don't think I want the same job as I have now! It's quite demanding and takes alot of my time so I can't see it working but will have to see I suppose.


  • i'm hoping not to go back and want to start training as a registered childminder in november. i can't even face the thought of having to leave george as it makes me want to cry. me and oh work long hrs in the city and it would mean dropping george off at 7am and picking him up at 730pm mon-fri if i went back. so wish we could survive on one salary image
  • I am dreading it too....going back in Apr 4 days i/o 5 but really dont want to leave my little man. I just want to stay at home and have loads of babies!! ha x
  • I am dreading going back have to go back full time in feb, paid a deposit on nursery yesterday! It sounds silly but I hate anyone talking about xmas as I know it is close to going back!

    I never knew just how much I would love her and being with her, we just can not afford for me to be at home

    I feel sad

  • ye girls are lucky,
    im back in novenber as i had to take maternity leave early due t o my high blood presure and its KILLING me. i've cried my eyes out about it so often and feel so down about it. think i will ask doc to sign me off work until i feel strong enough to go back.

  • I'm going back in March,but i only work part time and luckily parents and in laws will be looking after baby. I'm hoping to work up until next September when i get married and then either stop working to be a SAHM or look for something closer to home.x
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