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What's everyone doing for christmas?

Well it'sonly 91 days ish til crimbo!!!!

What's everyone doing? And what are you getting your little ones?

I love christmas and this year is just going to be so special, we aren't going mad on presents as he will get loads from family and also won't remember this year but we thought we'd get Jack a nice wooden toy that he can keep and a few small bits and I will definately get him a stocking.

We are going to oh's parents for christmas day as they live close and it saves me cooking lol! will see my folks later that week probably as they are a 2 hour drive away. Can you tell I'm excited already :lol::lol::lol:


  • i'm so excited too!!

    we're getting george a jumperoo although i have a feeling we might just buy him one before crimbo now as he loves being held up on his feet so he can "jump" up and down.

    not sure what we are doing on christmas day yet. i think it will be the same as last yr - morning & early afternoon at oh's dad's and late afternoon & evening at my mum & dad's.

    can't wait to put the tree up :P

  • I havent made definate plans yet but will probably be at home Its also floyds 2nd birthday a week before christmas so there will be a birthday party to organise lol
    I wrote a list of all the things i want to get for both boys, I am planing on getting Carter things that he needs such as clothes and a toybox to put all of his toys he has already..

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