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Hi Ladies, I somehow found myself on Born in September by accident and realised I didnt recognise and of the names on there before I realised I was in the wrong room.. Duh!

Anyways, they were talking about haircuts for LO's.. I was just wondering if anyone on here has taken their LO's for a haircut yet? Especially the girls?


  • Hi huni last week i cut harrison fringe as it was in his eyes and took a lil off the back because he just had two long bit on either side of his neck, bless himimage .This is the first time ive ever done this and he just sat there watching mickey mouse club house and didnt even bother!! But with my other ds i remember taking them all at around 1 year old.Dont forget to keep some as a keepsake image x
  • my sis cut nicole's fringe 3 times already and once in the back.
    mummy 2.5: nicole has two long curls at the side of her hair to but i refuse to get them cut off!!!

  • I have found an AMAZING place in Hitchin (near me) called Little Roots. Its purely for kids and very cheap!
    I dont know how close it is to any of you, but check out the link.. If they had a place like this for adults, I'd sure as hell go. Hopefully going to be taking Lily there before her birthday in a couple of weeks. x

  • Amelia hasnt even got enough hair yet to even concider cutting lol,, its coming throught but just not getting long lol
  • Ah I'm actually in Welwyn Garden City, but Hitchin isnt too far to get to. Lily doesnt have lots of hair.. she has enough to put little bunches in, but its mainly a mop of sandy mess.. so I figured if I get it trimmed and her fringe sorted out, it'll grow better and maybe abit quicker haha x
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