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Nightime / Afraid of the dark?

Hey Ladies! Hope youre all ok, just wanted to know if anyone else's LO's are becoming difficult in the middle of the night? Or seem scared of the dark?
Lily has always been very very good at sleeping through the night.. she's always slept a good 10hours since she was nearly 3months old.
Recently shes been waking up screaming and just sitting in her cot, half asleep with her snuggly held close to her.
When I try to comfort her and get her to go back to sleep, she just screams.
HELP! :cry:


  • Aw bless her!
    I think you just need to give her lots of reassurance, I think it is normal for children to go through being scared of the dark. Their dreams and imaginations are starting to mean more to them at this age.
    Has Lily's bedroom light got a dimmer on it, so you can just have it very low? Or can you use a little night light for now? I know a lot of parents dont like to use a night light as they think it will mean their child has to have the light on forever, but that doesnt tend to be the case. And with a dimmer, you could gradually have it a bit darker in Lily's room as she gets more used to it.
    For our son, we had a brilliant cot toy, it was an aquarium with a fish that moves, it lights up with bubbles etc, and the great thing about it was that it has a big touch button on the front so our son could switch it on himself from a young age, and would fall back asleep watching it - it goes on for around 20 mins then turns itself off. I think it was a fisher price one but I'm not certain.
    Sorry I cant be any more help than that, and hope Lily starts sleeping a little better soon xxx
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