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Can I join you?


I have been on this site for a while but don't really post a great deal (a little shy). I was due in August but had my baby 3 weeks early so had a July baby instead.

The atmosphere in Baby is a little odd but it seems nice in here (although a little quiet!) so thought I would introduce myself properly and make more of an effort to post although I do read post on BE every day.

I'm 28 from Essex and my first baby, a little boy called George was born on the 20th July (8 weeks tomorrow... eek). He was born by emergency section as he was breech and weighed 6lb8oz. He was 10lb1oz at 6 weeks so dread to think what he will be on Tuesday when I get him weighed next!! We have just moved onto Hungry Baby milk as he was guzzling about 40oz a day and this has really helped - he is back to around 25-30oz... phew!

Hope to chat to you ladies more as our little babies grow up!!

Alana x


  • Hi and welcome... Hope to chat soon!!

  • Hiya welcome to born in July 2009. This is a lovely group as we have all been through our pregnancies together and now all have our additions (probably the reason why we havent been posting too much recently!) Look forward to chatting more x
  • Hi and welcome xx looking forward to chatting soon xx
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