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O/T My friend just had her baby


Got a text at 5.30am and one of our friends just had her baby a little boy...she had a vbac so I bet she is really happy as I know that's what she wanted. So that's 2 boys for her so she is truly outnumbered now!

It made us think about when Jack was's so exciting, cant wait to see them...I almost feel broody again image

Random I know but wanted to share.

Sarah x


  • Ah congrats to your friend, What did she name him? Iknow what you mean about almost feeling broody. I miss being pregnant. It seems like so long ago i had baby evie 8 weeks ago, silly really.

    Hope your friend and baby are doin well x
  • They named him William and he is soo tiny, seems mad that Jack was ever that small!
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