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Need some advice.

Im having a bit of a confused crisis of confidence recently. The routine that my daughter Evie is in is right for her now i hear other peoples babies are sleeping through. Evie goes 4 hours sometimes 3 1/2 hours between feeds and at her 6pm bottle i feed her in the bedroom with the blinds down and its quiet so she knows its bedtime soon. I then wind her and settle her in bed which by then is about 7ish. Then i dream feed her at 10pm when she takes only 2 1/2 ounces/3 ounces. She wakes in the night about 4am for a feed. But im wondering if 6pm is too early to settle her as i dont think she will ever sleep through if im putting her to bed that early. My friends baby sleeps through from 8pm to 6.15 am but Evie's routine doesnt allow for a bottle at 8pm. Im so confused and dont even know what im doing is right. Tonight im going to not feed her at 10pm and see what happens. Help.... please x :\?


  • i don't know what to suggest as george isn't going through yet either. we feed him at 7, 11 (dreamfeed), 3 and 7. it feels like he'll never sleep through at the moment image
  • Thanks ladies. I just cant see her sleeping through any time soon. Tonight i fed her a little earlier at 5.30 which is 3 1/2 hours after her 2pm feed, bathed her at 7.30pm and now she is spark out only having had an ounce! Lets see what happens tonight! Im probably going to dread messing with her 6pm feed and 10.30 dream feed! xxx
  • Jack isn't sleeping through either and e is 3 months old now! He cluster feeds til about 8pm when we bath, change him and I give him a last feed and he usually settles himself in his cot by 9pm at the latest. He then usually sleeps til 1am sometimes 2 and then in the last few nights has been sleeping til about 5.30. I am still feeding on demand but he seems to have set his own routine for bedtime which is working at the moment.

    Not sure what to suggest really but you're not alone with the not sleeping through yet xx
  • nicole is sleeping right through from 10pm until 7.30am. her routine is
    7.30am bottle
    11.30/12 bottle
    4pm bottle
    9pm bottle and then she is down for the night.

    she is drinking 6 ounces all day but will only take 4/5 ounces at her last feed for some reason. i bring her up to bed get her dressed, have low lights on and then feed her.
    what times do u feed her at?

  • We feed Evie at 6.30/7am 10.30, 2pm then 6pm.

    She too has 6 ounces but because i think its a long time from 6pm to the night feed i have been dream feeding her at 10pm when she only takes 3 ounces max. I tried keeping her up later to feed her bout 8.30/9pm but its not working so im sticking with the feeding her at 6pm and putting her down when she has finished. Today she has gone 7.30 feed then 11am feed then will have one at 2.30 then her next one will be at 6pm when she will go to bed. Stacey xx
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