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Hi All

Hope everyone is ok!

I had to take Lily for her first jabs this morning on my own as OH could not get any time off, oh my what a horrible experience for Lily and me she sobbed her heart out, she has been poorly and sleepy all day, I have given her some calpol it is breaking my heart!

next time definately sending her Dad



  • ah poor lily and you. how is she now?

    nicole is due her injections on the 30th of september and i'm defo sending hubbie to do it with her as i hate the thoughts of anyone hurting her, i'd prob slap the doc ha ha

  • I hate jabs! Jack had his 2nd lot on wednesday but touch wood so far he has been much better this time. I gave him a dose of calpol half hour before which I didn't last time. He has been a little bit more clingy but last time he seemed poorly for days after.

    Hope Lily is feeling better hon xx
  • Hi Girls

    Today she is better the last two days she has been really clingy and her nappies have been terrible.

    Fingers crossed she is back to normal. Going to give Calpol half hour before such a good idea


  • ah poor lily, glad she getting back to normal now.

    good idea sazzle, i'll try that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my little man is having his 1st injections tomorrow. i'm not looking forward to it at all. i will have to try the calpol an hr before - thanks for the tip. xx
  • I had to take carter on my own with floyd! Floyd was not impressed they made his little bro cry, he stood stroking his head and kissing him. I fed him the same time as they gave him the injections as it distrcats them a bit!!
    Carter was fine after his jabs cried for a few mins and didnt seem to react to them at all....The nurse asked if she could give him a cuddle afterwards tho lol
  • I took my little boy on Tues and it was horrible. I cried my eye's as I had never heard him cry like that before!! I held him while they did them but dont think I will next time. x
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