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Potty Training

Obviously our babies are too young to start 'potty training' but as Lucy is now sitting up, I thought i'd get her a potty to sit on so she can start getting used to it!

And the first time she sat on it................... SHE POOED!! hahaha :lol::lol:

My eldest was petrified of the potty, right up until the age of 2.... so want Lucy to get used to it at a nice young age. image


  • Haha go Lucy!!! Hilarious!

    Good idea though Hayley, as s first time mummy I'll be nicking your tip! X
  • That's fab! Well done Lucy! x
  • She'saclever little thing!!

    Think it'sa good idea to get them sitting on the potty early on.

    I gotta buy minr - don'tknow what to go for tho!
  • I also start at the realy age of my son.At first I really had a hard time convincing my baby to use a potty. I always had to clean up all the mess that she makes. But then I came upon this app - potty training learning with the animals. Everytime I woul play it, I thought she didn't give any attention to it, but i was wrong, to my surprise one day she just started using the potty, and every time she would use the potty she would call my attention first and i would guide her to do her thing.

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