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Really started off today feeling so ill didnt think i could get of bed, surprisingly i wasnt sick but kept gagging. I couldnt handle it anymore so decided to go to get some bands while i was christmas shopping.

They actually work! Hubby thinks its psychological, i dont think so, i can actually think about what i want to eat for dinner without gagging for once. Definately recommend them.

Only problem i got is i havent told work yet so i cant wear them or they will pretty much figure it out, but anyways thought id let ya know they work.

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  • You could get a stretchy bracelet and cover them with that? Or wear really long sleeved tops?

    I find eating a dried cracker before I get out of bed really helps xx
  • Hey girls. just figured out how to join discussions, its probably my babybrain ha-ha.

    I have snacks by my bed too, sometimes i need them other times i am fine. I feel quite sick if i let myself go hungry, so i just keep snacking. Lots of fruit and crackers works, then i eat big meals as well. no wonder i look pregnant already.

  • im gonna get myself some of these too. who cares if the effect is ony psychological as long as it works? im 7 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling a bit nauseous on and off for about week or so. im praying to god it doesnt get worse cause i have a real phobia of vomiting.
  • Thanks for the tips, i will try. I told the mw im struggling so just trying to eat little bits every now and then, im drinking loads of water but still feeling dehydrated. Started drinking juice and i feel better, water makes me worse for some reason.

    So nauseaous right now its getting on my nerves, god knows how i will get through my 12hr shifts. :cry:

    On a lighter note, hormones definately kicking in, last night i cried coz i didnt have any clean teaspoons left in the drawer :lol: , hubby didnt know what to say image

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  • Oh bless you!

    I have felt grim today. I have been sipping on peppermint tea and nibbling fruit. Just when you think it has done the trick it comes back! I'm trying the bands!xx
  • my husband got my bands today so ill be trying them out tomorrow. i nearly threw up at the tram stop this morning on my way to work but have felt ok most of the rest of the day luckily. even had an appetite for dinner tonight! i ate most of the morning though, bite by bite made my way through a plain roll, a banana and a clementine. maybe that helped? agree with the water though, juice (not orange!) seems to sit better.

    heres to keeping the nausea at bay!
  • I am 8 weeks today and wearing the bands for over a week and they have made no difference although I am still afraid to take them off in case I feel worse lol.

    I feel sick 24/7 and this is my second child. I am hardly eating. Only nibbling very little although I am drinking. I am not throwing up either. This feel is the worst ever and I can't until it passes. I had to take off work as I can't even get out of bed for most the day.
  • oh no louise that sounds horrible! hope you feel better soon hun.

    im wearing my sea bands first time today and ive been feeling ok today. not sure if thats a coincidence though.

    quick question: how long can i wear them? my husband was concerned that if i wore them all the time id get used to them and they would stop working. can this happen?
  • Louise - I know how you feel. This is my third and the feeling this time is very overpowering. I am also wearing my sickbands 24 hours a day - they worked with my other 2 pregnancies but this time they don't seem to be taking the feeling away. However I am also refusing to take them off incase they are what is stopping me from actually being sick all the time. Luckily it is the xmas holidays sI am not at work for 2 weeks but I have to wear long sleeve topss to hide them as none of my family know yet. I have only been able to drink bottled water and eat rich tea biscuits but this morning I was so ill I had to lie completely still with my 2 LO's playing around me. I can't wait for this feeling to pass!!!

    JVL - with my fisrt 2 I wore them all the time - all day and occasionally at night but did usually take them off at night. I didn't find the affect wear off after time but then my nausea was only mild with the first 2. This time it is not having the deisred affect at all!!
  • Thanks girls. I just hope that I can get by for Xmas day. My husband and my brother will have to make their own dinner and my dd's lol. Give them something to do haha. I am trying to nibble a bit more everyday but just have a constant hunger feeling which is a horrible. My husband has been brilliant though and really deserves a medal. He is doing everything for our 3 year old. She has Type 1 Diabetes so there is more to do than a normal 3 year old. At the minute he is out finishing off our Xmas shopping. I gave him a list and he went without complaint.

    As far as I am aware you can wear the bands all the time. The only thing is that you have to make sure that they are positioned all the time in the right place and I find that they do move a bit.

  • I feel grim! Since Monday a bit of nausea has taken a life of it's own.

    I wake up every morning about 5am and the nausea wakes me. I eat a bite of a rich tea, it goes. 15 minutes later it's back and so on until I go to bed.

    Eating a little bit helps but it's a real chore. I got the bands yesterday and they'll be going on as soon as I get home.

    I've got my work Christmas lunch in half an hour and the thought of what i've ordered makes me want to throw up. Luckily my boss knows so can cover for me.

    I wonder if i'd feel better if I actually was just sick!!

    Not much longer and this should, touch wood, pass! xx
  • I hope mine passes before 12 weeks. I couldn't cope with another 4 weeks of this shit feeling. I had my work lunch almost 2 weeks ago and was able to pass myself as in general I am a fussy eater anyway. If it had of been this week I would have had to tell people as I wouldn't have been there.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • I feel the same so glad im not the only 1 i am 7 n half weeks pregnant and feel constantly sick not being aick though just feeling it also headaches and dizzyness its awful ive just got the bands now so hopefully they will work fingers crossed ive also got sickness tablets cant stomache food hardly i do pick now and again pretty much it this is my second also ????

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